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func JSON

func JSON(val interface{}, warnings *[]Warning) json.RawMessage

JSON encodes val as JSON, returning it as a json.RawMessage. Any marshaling errors (which are highly unlikely with correct code) are converted to warnings. This is convenient when filling config structs that require a json.RawMessage, without having to worry about errors.

func JSONIndent

func JSONIndent(val interface{}) ([]byte, error)

JSONIndent is used to JSON-marshal the final resulting Caddy configuration in a consistent, human-readable way.

func JSONModuleObject

func JSONModuleObject(val interface{}, fieldName, fieldVal string, warnings *[]Warning) json.RawMessage

JSONModuleObject is like JSON(), except it marshals val into a JSON object with an added key named fieldName with the value fieldVal. This is useful for encoding module values where the module name has to be described within the object by a certain key; for example, `"handler": "file_server"` for a file server HTTP handler (fieldName="handler" and fieldVal="file_server"). The val parameter must encode into a map[string]interface{} (i.e. it must be a struct or map). Any errors are converted into warnings.

func RegisterAdapter

func RegisterAdapter(name string, adapter Adapter)

RegisterAdapter registers a config adapter with the given name. This should usually be done at init-time. It panics if the adapter cannot be registered successfully.


type Adapter

type Adapter interface {
	Adapt(body []byte, options map[string]interface{}) ([]byte, []Warning, error)

Adapter is a type which can adapt a configuration to Caddy JSON. It returns the results and any warnings, or an error.

func GetAdapter

func GetAdapter(name string) Adapter

GetAdapter returns the adapter with the given name, or nil if one with that name is not registered.

type Warning

type Warning struct {
	File      string `json:"file,omitempty"`
	Line      int    `json:"line,omitempty"`
	Directive string `json:"directive,omitempty"`
	Message   string `json:"message,omitempty"`

Warning represents a warning or notice related to conversion.


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