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type Attributes

type Attributes interface {
	// The user string which the request was authenticated as, or empty if
	// no authentication occured and the request was allowed to proceed.
	GetUserName() string

	// The list of group names the authenticated user is a member of. Can be
	// empty if the authenticated user is not in any groups, or if no
	// authentication occurred.
	GetGroups() []string

	// When IsReadOnly() == true, the request has no side effects, other than
	// caching, logging, and other incidentals.
	IsReadOnly() bool

	// The namespace of the object, if a request is for a REST object.
	GetNamespace() string

	// The kind of object, if a request is for a REST object.
	GetResource() string

Attributes is an interface used by an Authorizer to get information about a request that is used to make an authorization decision.

type AttributesRecord

type AttributesRecord struct {
	User      user.Info
	ReadOnly  bool
	Namespace string
	Resource  string

AttributesRecord implements Attributes interface.

func (AttributesRecord) GetGroups

func (a AttributesRecord) GetGroups() []string

func (AttributesRecord) GetNamespace

func (a AttributesRecord) GetNamespace() string

func (AttributesRecord) GetResource added in v0.3.2

func (a AttributesRecord) GetResource() string

func (AttributesRecord) GetUserName

func (a AttributesRecord) GetUserName() string

func (AttributesRecord) IsReadOnly

func (a AttributesRecord) IsReadOnly() bool

type Authorizer

type Authorizer interface {
	Authorize(a Attributes) (err error)

Authorizer makes an authorization decision based on information gained by making zero or more calls to methods of the Attributes interface. It returns nil when an action is authorized, otherwise it returns an error.

type AuthorizerFunc added in v0.5.2

type AuthorizerFunc func(a Attributes) error

func (AuthorizerFunc) Authorize added in v0.5.2

func (f AuthorizerFunc) Authorize(a Attributes) error


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