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Published: Apr 8, 2015 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 10 Imported by: 0



Package endpoint provides Registry interface and it's RESTStorage implementation for storing Endpoint api objects.



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var Strategy = endpointsStrategy{api.Scheme, api.SimpleNameGenerator}

Strategy is the default logic that applies when creating and updating Endpoint objects via the REST API.


func EndpointsToSelectableFields added in v0.4.3

func EndpointsToSelectableFields(endpoints *api.Endpoints) labels.Set

EndpointsToSelectableFields returns a label set that represents the object TODO: fields are not labels, and the validation rules for them do not apply.

func MatchEndpoints added in v0.4.3

func MatchEndpoints(label labels.Selector, field fields.Selector) generic.Matcher

MatchEndpoints returns a generic matcher for a given label and field selector.


type Registry

type Registry interface {
	ListEndpoints(ctx api.Context) (*api.EndpointsList, error)
	GetEndpoints(ctx api.Context, name string) (*api.Endpoints, error)
	WatchEndpoints(ctx api.Context, labels labels.Selector, field fields.Selector, resourceVersion string) (watch.Interface, error)
	UpdateEndpoints(ctx api.Context, e *api.Endpoints) error
	DeleteEndpoints(ctx api.Context, name string) error

Registry is an interface for things that know how to store endpoints.

func NewRegistry added in v0.4.3

func NewRegistry(s rest.StandardStorage) Registry

NewRegistry returns a new Registry interface for the given Storage. Any mismatched types will panic.


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