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Published: Jun 18, 2015 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 39 Imported by: 0



Package app does all of the work necessary to create a Kubernetes APIServer by binding together the API, master and APIServer infrastructure. It can be configured and called directly or via the hyperkube framework.



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const (
	// Maximum duration before timing out read/write requests
	// Set to a value larger than the timeouts in each watch server.
	ReadWriteTimeout = time.Minute * 60


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type APIServer

type APIServer struct {
	InsecureBindAddress        util.IP
	InsecurePort               int
	BindAddress                util.IP
	ReadOnlyPort               int
	SecurePort                 int
	ExternalHost               string
	APIRate                    float32
	APIBurst                   int
	TLSCertFile                string
	TLSPrivateKeyFile          string
	CertDirectory              string
	APIPrefix                  string
	StorageVersion             string
	CloudProvider              string
	CloudConfigFile            string
	EventTTL                   time.Duration
	BasicAuthFile              string
	ClientCAFile               string
	TokenAuthFile              string
	ServiceAccountKeyFile      string
	ServiceAccountLookup       bool
	AuthorizationMode          string
	AuthorizationPolicyFile    string
	AdmissionControl           string
	AdmissionControlConfigFile string
	EtcdServerList             util.StringList
	EtcdConfigFile             string
	EtcdPathPrefix             string
	OldEtcdPathPrefix          string
	CorsAllowedOriginList      util.StringList
	AllowPrivileged            bool
	PortalNet                  util.IPNet // TODO: make this a list
	ServiceNodePorts           util.PortRange
	EnableLogsSupport          bool
	MasterServiceNamespace     string
	RuntimeConfig              util.ConfigurationMap
	KubeletConfig              client.KubeletConfig
	ClusterName                string
	EnableProfiling            bool
	MaxRequestsInFlight        int
	LongRunningRequestRE       string

APIServer runs a kubernetes api server.

func NewAPIServer

func NewAPIServer() *APIServer

NewAPIServer creates a new APIServer object with default parameters

func (*APIServer) AddFlags

func (s *APIServer) AddFlags(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

AddFlags adds flags for a specific APIServer to the specified FlagSet

func (*APIServer) Run

func (s *APIServer) Run(_ []string) error

Run runs the specified APIServer. This should never exit.

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