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func GenerateValue added in v0.9.10

func GenerateValue(value string) string

GenerateValue passes through the input value to all the supported value generators to get the final value. For example, $(random:5) --> xafce $(timenow:RFC3339) --> 2019-05-24T11:10:13+08:00


type Generator

type Generator interface {
	// Value generates a string value according to params. How params is interpreted is determined by the generator implementation.
	Value(interface{}) string
	// Parse parses input string that represents a specific type value. For example, a given length random
	// string. If the input is not a valid given type ref value, the origin input value is returned.
	Parse(v string) string

Generator is used to generate specific type of string value, for example, fixed length random string, timestamp.

var (
	// RandomString is used to generate a random string
	RandomString Generator
	// NowTimeString is used to generate current timestamp
	NowTimeString Generator

type NowTimeStringParam

type NowTimeStringParam struct {
	Format string `json:"format"`

NowTimeStringParam represents the param of nowtime.

type RandomValueParam

type RandomValueParam struct {
	Length int `json:"length"`

RandomValueParam represents the param of random value.

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