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const (
	// ConfigFileKey is key of config file in ConfigMap
	ConfigFileKey = "cyclone-server.json"

	// EnvWebhookURLPrefix is the key of Environment variable to define webhook callback url prefix

	// EnvRecordWebURLTemplate is the key of Environment variable to define template of record url which used in
	// PR status 'Details' to associate PR with WorkflowRun website.


This section is empty.


func GetRecordWebURLTemplate added in v1.0.0

func GetRecordWebURLTemplate() string

GetRecordWebURLTemplate returns record web URL template. It tries to get the url from "RECORD_WEB_URL_TEMPLATE" environment variable, if the value is empty, then get it from configmap.

func LoadConfig added in v0.9.3

func LoadConfig(cm *core_v1.ConfigMap) error

LoadConfig loads configuration from ConfigMap


type ArtifactConfig added in v1.1.0

type ArtifactConfig struct {
	// RetentionSeconds describes the retention time for artifacts, cyclone will delete artifacts exceeded retention
	// time periodically.
	RetentionSeconds time.Duration `json:"retention_seconds"`

	// RetentionDiskProtectionThreshold is a threshold in percentage format, if disk available space is less than this
	// value, artifacts can not be stored.
	RetentionDiskProtectionThreshold float64 `json:"retention_disk_protection_threshold"`

ArtifactConfig configures artifacts which are managed by cyclone server

type CacheCleaner added in v1.1.0

type CacheCleaner struct {
	// Image is image for the acceleration caches cleaner, for example 'alpine:3.7'
	Image string `json:"image"`
	// ResourceRequirements specifies resource requirements of the acceleration caches cleaner.
	ResourceRequirements map[core_v1.ResourceName]string `json:"resource_requirements"`

CacheCleaner configures acceleration caches cleaner.

type ClientSetConfig added in v0.9.8

type ClientSetConfig struct {
	// QPS indicates the maximum QPS to the master from this client.
	// If it's zero, the created RESTClient will use DefaultQPS: 5
	QPS float32 `json:"qps"`

	// Maximum burst for throttle.
	// If it's zero, the created RESTClient will use DefaultBurst: 10.
	Burst int `json:"burst"`

ClientSetConfig defines rate limit config for a Kubernetes client

type CycloneServerConfig added in v0.9.3

type CycloneServerConfig struct {
	// Logging configuration, such as log level.
	Logging LoggingConfig `json:"logging"`

	// CycloneServerHost represents the host for cyclone server to serve on
	CycloneServerHost string `json:"cyclone_server_host"`
	// CycloneServerPort represents the port for cyclone server to serve on
	CycloneServerPort uint16 `json:"cyclone_server_port"`

	// DefaultPVCConfig represents the config of pvc for default tenant
	DefaultPVCConfig PVCConfig `json:"default_pvc_config"`

	// WorkerNamespaceQuota describes the resource quota of the namespace which will be used to run workflows,
	// eg map[core_v1.ResourceName]string{"cpu": "2", "memory": "4Gi"}
	WorkerNamespaceQuota map[core_v1.ResourceName]string `json:"worker_namespace_quota"`

	// WebhookURLTemplate represents the template of webhook url.
	WebhookURLTemplate string `json:"webhook_url_template"`

	// StorageUsageWatcher configures PVC storage usage watchers.
	StorageUsageWatcher StorageUsageWatcher `json:"storage_usage_watcher"`

	// CacheCleaner configures acceleration caches cleaner.
	CacheCleaner CacheCleaner `json:"cache_cleaner"`

	// CreateBuiltinTemplates configures whether to create builtin stage templates while cyclone server start up.
	CreateBuiltinTemplates bool `json:"create_builtin_templates"`

	// InitDefaultTenant configures whether to create cyclone default tenant while cyclone server start up.
	InitDefaultTenant bool `json:"init_default_tenant"`

	// OpenControlCluster indicates whether to open control cluster for workflow execution when tenant created
	OpenControlCluster bool `json:"open_control_cluster"`

	// Images that used in cyclone, such as GC image.
	Images map[string]string `json:"images"`

	// Notifications represents the config to send notifications after workflowruns finish.
	Notifications []NotificationEndpoint `json:"notifications"`

	// RecordWebURLTemplate represents the URL template to generate web URLs for workflowruns.
	RecordWebURLTemplate string `json:"record_web_url_template"`

	// ClientSet holds the common attributes that can be passed to a Kubernetes client on cyclone server handlers
	// initialization.
	ClientSet ClientSetConfig `json:"client_set"`

	// Artifact config for artifacts which are managed by cyclone server
	Artifact ArtifactConfig `json:"artifact"`

CycloneServerConfig configures Cyclone Server

var Config CycloneServerConfig

Config is Workflow Controller config instance

type LoggingConfig added in v0.9.3

type LoggingConfig struct {
	Level string `json:"level"`

LoggingConfig configures logging

type NotificationEndpoint added in v0.9.6

type NotificationEndpoint struct {
	// Name represents the name of notification endpoint.
	Name string `json:"name"`

	// URL represents the URL to send the notification.
	URL string `json:"url"`

NotificationEndpoint represents the config of notification endpoint. Server will send notifications about finished workflowruns if notification endpoints are configured.

type PVCConfig added in v0.9.3

type PVCConfig struct {
	// StorageClass represents the strorageclass used to create pvc
	StorageClass string `json:"storage_class"`

	// Size represents the capacity of the pvc, unit supports 'Gi' or 'Mi'
	// More info:
	Size string `json:"size"`

PVCConfig contains the PVC information

type StorageUsageWatcher added in v0.9.3

type StorageUsageWatcher struct {
	// Image is image for the storage usage watcher, for example 'busybox:1.30.0'
	Image string `json:"image"`
	// ReportURL is url where to report the usage
	ReportURL string `json:"report_url"`
	// IntervalSeconds is intervals to report storage usage
	IntervalSeconds string `json:"interval_seconds"`
	// ResourceRequirements specifies resource requirements of the watcher container.
	ResourceRequirements map[core_v1.ResourceName]string `json:"resource_requirements"`

StorageUsageWatcher configures PVC storage usage watchers.

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