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const (

	// APIVersion is the version of API.
	APIVersion = "/apis/v1alpha1"

	// TenantNamePathParameterName represents the name of the path parameter for tenant name.
	TenantNamePathParameterName = "tenant"

	// ProjectNamePathParameterName represents the name of the path parameter for project name.
	ProjectNamePathParameterName = "project"

	// ResourceNamePathParameterName represents the name of the path parameter for resource name.
	ResourceNamePathParameterName = "resource"

	// StageNamePathParameterName represents the name of the path parameter for stage name.
	StageNamePathParameterName = "stage"

	// TemplateNamePathParameterName represents the name of the path parameter for template name.
	TemplateNamePathParameterName = "template"

	// WorkflowNamePathParameterName represents the name of the path parameter for workflow name.
	WorkflowNamePathParameterName = "workflow"

	// WorkflowRunNamePathParameterName represents the name of the path parameter for workflowrun name.
	WorkflowRunNamePathParameterName = "workflowrun"

	// ArtifactNamePathParameterName represents the name of the path parameter for artifact name.
	ArtifactNamePathParameterName = "artifact"

	// WorkflowTriggerNamePathParameterName represents the name of the path parameter for workflowtrigger name.
	WorkflowTriggerNamePathParameterName = "workflowtrigger"

	// NamespaceQueryParameter represents namespace query parameter.
	NamespaceQueryParameter = "namespace"

	// StageNameQueryParameter represents the query param stage name.
	StageNameQueryParameter = "stage"

	// LabelQueryParameter represents the label query.
	LabelQueryParameter = "label"

	// ContainerNameQueryParameter represents the query param container name.
	ContainerNameQueryParameter = "container"

	// PaginationAutoParameter represents the auto param pagination.
	PaginationAutoParameter = "pagination"

	// TenantHeaderName is name of tenant header name in http request
	TenantHeaderName = "X-Tenant"

	// NamespaceHeaderName is name of namespace header
	NamespaceHeaderName = "X-Namespace"

	// HeaderContentType represents the key of Content-Type.
	HeaderContentType = "Content-Type"

	// HeaderContentTypeJSON represents the JSON Content-Type value.
	HeaderContentTypeJSON = "application/json"

	// PublicHeaderName is a header name to indicate whether the resource is public
	PublicHeaderName = "X-Public"

	// HeaderDryRun is a header name to indicate do a rehearsal of a performance or procedure before the real one.
	HeaderDryRun = "X-Dry-Run"

	// DefaultNamespace represents the default namespace 'default'.
	DefaultNamespace = "default"

	// DownloadQueryParameter represents a download flag of the query parameter.
	DownloadQueryParameter = "download"

	// StatusQueryParameter represents a status of the query parameter.
	StatusQueryParameter = "status"

	// IncludePublicQueryParameter indicates whether include system level resources, for example, when list
	// stage templates in a tenant, whether to include system level templates. Default is true.
	IncludePublicQueryParameter = "includePublic"

	// StartTimeQueryParameter represents the query param start time.
	StartTimeQueryParameter string = "startTime"

	// EndTimeQueryParameter represents the query param end time.
	EndTimeQueryParameter string = "endTime"

	// OperationQueryParameter ...
	OperationQueryParameter string = "operation"

	// ResourceTypePathParameterName ...
	ResourceTypePathParameterName = "resourceType"


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func EnsureProtocolScheme added in v0.9.6

func EnsureProtocolScheme(url string) string

EnsureProtocolScheme ensures URL has protocol sheme set

func GetHTTPRequest added in v0.9.3

func GetHTTPRequest(ctx context.Context) *http.Request

GetHTTPRequest gets request from context.


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