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Published: Jan 26, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:


type Helper

type Helper struct {

func (*Helper) CreateNoteHandler

func (h *Helper) CreateNoteHandler() (r *ginHelper.Router)

@Tags Note @Summary 新建Note @Param note body service.CreateNote true "Note" @Success 200 @Failure 400 @Router /note [post] @version 1.0

func (*Helper) GetNoteHandler

func (h *Helper) GetNoteHandler() (r *ginHelper.Router)

@Tags Note @Summary 获取Note @Param noteID query int true "Note" @Success 200 @Failure 400 @Router /note [get] @version 1.0

func (*Helper) GetNoteListHandles

func (h *Helper) GetNoteListHandles() (r *ginHelper.Router)

@Tags Note @Summary 获取NoteList @Param page query int true "Note" @Success 200 @Failure 400 @Router /note/list [get] @version 1.0

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