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Package nfs from common/admin contains a set of APIs used to interact with and administer NFS support for ceph clusters.



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type Admin

type Admin struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Admin is used to administer ceph nfs features.

func NewFromConn

func NewFromConn(conn ccom.RadosCommander) *Admin

NewFromConn creates an new management object from a preexisting rados connection. The existing connection can be rados.Conn or any type implementing the RadosCommander interface.

func (*Admin) CreateCephFSExport

func (nfsa *Admin) CreateCephFSExport(spec CephFSExportSpec) (
	*ExportResult, error)

CreateCephFSExport will create a new NFS export for a CephFS file system.

Similar To:

ceph nfs export create cephfs

func (*Admin) ExportInfo

func (nfsa *Admin) ExportInfo(clusterID, pseudoPath string) (ExportInfo, error)

ExportInfo will return a structure describing the export specified by it's pseudo-path.

Similar To:

ceph nfs export info

func (*Admin) ListDetailedExports

func (nfsa *Admin) ListDetailedExports(clusterID string) ([]ExportInfo, error)

ListDetailedExports will return a list of exports with details.

Similar To:

ceph nfs export ls --detailed

func (*Admin) RemoveExport

func (nfsa *Admin) RemoveExport(clusterID, pseudoPath string) error

RemoveExport will remove an NFS export based on the pseudo-path of the export.

Similar To:

ceph nfs export rm

type CephFSExportSpec

type CephFSExportSpec struct {
	FileSystemName string     `json:"fsname"`
	ClusterID      string     `json:"cluster_id"`
	PseudoPath     string     `json:"pseudo_path"`
	Path           string     `json:"path,omitempty"`
	ReadOnly       bool       `json:"readonly"`
	ClientAddr     []string   `json:"client_addr,omitempty"`
	Squash         SquashMode `json:"squash,omitempty"`
	SecType        []SecType  `json:"sectype,omitempty"`

CephFSExportSpec is used to specify the parameters used to create a new CephFS based export.

type ClientInfo

type ClientInfo struct {
	Addresses  []string   `json:"addresses"`
	AccessType string     `json:"access_type"`
	Squash     SquashMode `json:"squash"`

ClientInfo describes per-client parameters of an export.

type ExportInfo

type ExportInfo struct {
	ExportID      int64        `json:"export_id"`
	Path          string       `json:"path"`
	ClusterID     string       `json:"cluster_id"`
	PseudoPath    string       `json:"pseudo"`
	AccessType    string       `json:"access_type"`
	Squash        SquashMode   `json:"squash"`
	SecurityLabel bool         `json:"security_label"`
	Protocols     []int        `json:"protocols"`
	Transports    []string     `json:"transports"`
	FSAL          FSALInfo     `json:"fsal"`
	Clients       []ClientInfo `json:"clients"`
	SecType       []SecType    `json:"sectype"`

ExportInfo describes an NFS export.

type ExportResult

type ExportResult struct {
	Bind           string `json:"bind"`
	FileSystemName string `json:"fs"`
	Path           string `json:"path"`
	ClusterID      string `json:"cluster"`
	Mode           string `json:"mode"`

ExportResult is returned along with newly created exports.

type FSALInfo

type FSALInfo struct {
	Name           string `json:"name"`
	UserID         string `json:"user_id"`
	FileSystemName string `json:"fs_name"`

FSALInfo describes NFS-Ganesha specific FSAL properties of an export.

type SecType

type SecType string

SecType indicates the kind of security/authentication to be used by an export.

const (
	SysSec   SecType = "sys"
	NoneSec  SecType = "none"
	Krb5Sec  SecType = "krb5"
	Krb5iSec SecType = "krb5i"
	Krb5pSec SecType = "krb5p"


type SquashMode

type SquashMode string

SquashMode indicates the kind of user-id squashing performed on an export.

const (
	// NoneSquash performs no id squashing.
	NoneSquash SquashMode = "None"
	// RootSquash performs squashing of root user (with any gid).
	RootSquash SquashMode = "Root"
	// AllSquash performs squashing of all users.
	AllSquash SquashMode = "All"
	// RootIDSquash performs squashing of root uid/gid.
	RootIDSquash SquashMode = "RootId"
	// NoRootSquash is equivalent to NoneSquash
	NoRootSquash = NoneSquash
	// Unspecifiedquash
	Unspecifiedquash SquashMode = ""


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