Package util contains utility code shared amongst different parts of the pod security policy apparatus.



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    const (
    	ValidatedPSPAnnotation = ""


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    func AllowsHostVolumePath

    func AllowsHostVolumePath(psp *extensions.PodSecurityPolicy, hostPath string) bool

      AllowsHostVolumePath is a utility for checking if a PSP allows the host volume path. This only checks the path. You should still check to make sure the host volume fs type is allowed.

      func EqualStringSlices

      func EqualStringSlices(a, b []string) bool

        EqualStringSlices compares string slices for equality. Slices are equal when their sizes and elements on similar positions are equal.

        func FSTypeToStringSet

        func FSTypeToStringSet(fsTypes []extensions.FSType) sets.String

          FSTypeToStringSet converts an FSType slice to a string set.

          func GetAllFSTypesAsSet

          func GetAllFSTypesAsSet() sets.String

          func GetAllFSTypesExcept

          func GetAllFSTypesExcept(exceptions ...string) sets.String

          func GetVolumeFSType

          func GetVolumeFSType(v api.Volume) (extensions.FSType, error)

            getVolumeFSType gets the FSType for a volume.

            func GroupFallsInRange

            func GroupFallsInRange(id int64, rng extensions.GroupIDRange) bool

              GroupFallsInRange is a utility to determine it the id falls in the valid range.

              func PSPAllowsAllVolumes

              func PSPAllowsAllVolumes(psp *extensions.PodSecurityPolicy) bool

                PSPAllowsAllVolumes checks for FSTypeAll in the psp's allowed volumes.

                func PSPAllowsFSType

                func PSPAllowsFSType(psp *extensions.PodSecurityPolicy, fsType extensions.FSType) bool

                  PSPAllowsFSType is a utility for checking if a PSP allows a particular FSType. If all volumes are allowed then this will return true for any FSType passed.

                  func UserFallsInRange

                  func UserFallsInRange(id int64, rng extensions.UserIDRange) bool

                    UserFallsInRange is a utility to determine it the id falls in the valid range.


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