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Package endpoints validates regional endpoints for services.



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func AddScheme

func AddScheme(endpoint string, disableSSL bool) string

AddScheme adds the HTTP or HTTPS schemes to a endpoint URL if there is no scheme. If disableSSL is true HTTP will be added instead of the default HTTPS.

func EndpointForRegion

func EndpointForRegion(svcName, region string, disableSSL bool) (endpoint, signingRegion string)

EndpointForRegion returns an endpoint and its signing region for a service and region. if the service and region pair are not found endpoint and signingRegion will be empty.

func NormalizeEndpoint

func NormalizeEndpoint(endpoint, serviceName, region string, disableSSL bool) (normEndpoint, signingRegion string)

NormalizeEndpoint takes and endpoint and service API information to return a normalized endpoint and signing region. If the endpoint is not an empty string the service name and region will be used to look up the service's API endpoint. If the endpoint is provided the scheme will be added if it is not present.


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