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type APIerSv2

type APIerSv2 struct {

func (*APIerSv2) Call

func (apiv2 *APIerSv2) Call(serviceMethod string,
	args interface{}, reply interface{}) error

Call implements rpcclient.ClientConnector interface for internal RPC

func (*APIerSv2) CountCDRs

func (apier *APIerSv2) CountCDRs(attrs utils.RPCCDRsFilter, reply *int64) error

func (*APIerSv2) ExportCdrsToFile

func (apiv2 *APIerSv2) ExportCdrsToFile(attr AttrExportCdrsToFile, reply *utils.ExportedFileCdrs) (err error)

Deprecated, please use APIerSv1.ExportCDRs instead

func (*APIerSv2) GetAccount

func (apiv2 *APIerSv2) GetAccount(attr *utils.AttrGetAccount, reply *engine.Account) error

Get balance

func (*APIerSv2) GetAccounts

func (apiv2 *APIerSv2) GetAccounts(attr utils.AttrGetAccounts, reply *[]*engine.Account) error

func (*APIerSv2) GetActions

func (apiv2 *APIerSv2) GetActions(attr AttrGetActions, reply *map[string]engine.Actions) error

Retrieves actions attached to specific ActionsId within cache

func (*APIerSv2) GetCDRs

func (apier *APIerSv2) GetCDRs(attrs utils.RPCCDRsFilter, reply *[]*engine.ExternalCDR) error

Retrieves CDRs based on the filters

func (*APIerSv2) GetDestinations

func (apiv2 *APIerSv2) GetDestinations(attr AttrGetDestinations, reply *[]*engine.Destination) (err error)

GetDestinations returns a list of destination based on the destinationIDs given

func (*APIerSv2) GetTPDestination

func (self *APIerSv2) GetTPDestination(attrs AttrGetTPDestination, reply *utils.TPDestination) error

Queries a specific destination

func (*APIerSv2) LoadAccountActions

func (apiv2 *APIerSv2) LoadAccountActions(attrs AttrLoadAccountActions, reply *string) error

Process dependencies and load a specific AccountActions profile from storDb into dataDb.

func (*APIerSv2) LoadRatingProfile

func (apiv2 *APIerSv2) LoadRatingProfile(attrs AttrLoadRatingProfile, reply *string) error

Process dependencies and load a specific rating profile from storDb into dataDb.

func (*APIerSv2) LoadTariffPlanFromFolder

func (apiv2 *APIerSv2) LoadTariffPlanFromFolder(attrs utils.AttrLoadTpFromFolder, reply *utils.LoadInstance) error

func (*APIerSv2) Ping added in v0.10.1

func (apiv2 *APIerSv2) Ping(ign *utils.CGREvent, reply *string) error

Ping return pong if the service is active

func (*APIerSv2) RemoveTPDestination

func (self *APIerSv2) RemoveTPDestination(attrs AttrGetTPDestination, reply *string) error

func (*APIerSv2) SetAccount

func (apiv2 *APIerSv2) SetAccount(attr AttrSetAccount, reply *string) error

func (*APIerSv2) SetActions

func (apiv2 *APIerSv2) SetActions(attrs utils.AttrSetActions, reply *string) error

func (*APIerSv2) SetAttributeProfile

func (APIerSv2 *APIerSv2) SetAttributeProfile(arg *AttributeWithCache, reply *string) error

SetAttributeProfile add/update a new Attribute Profile

func (*APIerSv2) SetTPDestination

func (self *APIerSv2) SetTPDestination(attrs utils.TPDestination, reply *string) error

Creates a new destination within a tariff plan

type AttrExportCdrsToFile

type AttrExportCdrsToFile struct {
	CdrFormat           *string // Cdr output file format <utils.CdreCdrFormats>
	FieldSeparator      *string // Separator used between fields
	ExportID            *string // Optional exportid
	ExportDirectory     *string // If provided it overwrites the configured export directory
	ExportFileName      *string // If provided the output filename will be set to this
	ExportTemplate      *string // Exported fields template  <""|fld1,fld2|>
	Verbose             bool    // Disable CgrIds reporting in reply/ExportedCgrIds and reply/UnexportedCgrIds
	utils.RPCCDRsFilter         // Inherit the CDR filter attributes

type AttrGetActions

type AttrGetActions struct {
	ActionIDs []string
	Offset    int // Set the item offset
	Limit     int // Limit number of items retrieved

type AttrGetDestinations

type AttrGetDestinations struct {
	DestinationIDs []string

type AttrGetTPDestination

type AttrGetTPDestination struct {
	TPid string // Tariff plan id
	Tag  string // Destination id

type AttrLoadAccountActions

type AttrLoadAccountActions struct {
	TPid             string
	AccountActionsId string

type AttrLoadRatingProfile

type AttrLoadRatingProfile struct {
	TPid            string
	RatingProfileID string

type AttrSetAccount

type AttrSetAccount struct {
	Tenant                 string
	Account                string
	ActionPlanIDs          []string
	ActionPlansOverwrite   bool
	ActionTriggerIDs       []string
	ActionTriggerOverwrite bool
	ExtraOptions           map[string]bool
	ReloadScheduler        bool

type AttributeWithCache

type AttributeWithCache struct {
	Cache *string

type CDRsV2

type CDRsV2 struct {

Receive CDRs via RPC methods, not included with APIer because it has way less dependencies and can be standalone

func (*CDRsV2) StoreSessionCost

func (cdrSv2 *CDRsV2) StoreSessionCost(args *engine.ArgsV2CDRSStoreSMCost, reply *string) error

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