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type ChoriaFramework added in v0.24.0

type ChoriaFramework interface {
	Configuration() *config.Config
	MiddlewareServers() (servers srvcache.Servers, err error)
	NewRequestFromTransportJSON(payload []byte, skipvalidate bool) (msg protocol.Request, err error)
	NewReplyFromTransportJSON(payload []byte, skipvalidate bool) (msg protocol.Reply, err error)

type NatStream

type NatStream struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

NatStream is an adapter that connects a NATS topic with messages sent from Choria in its usual transport protocol to a NATS Streaming topic.

On the stream the messages will be JSON format with keys body, sender and time. Body is a base64 encoded string

Configure the adapters:

# required
plugin.choria.adapters = discovery
plugin.choria.adapter.discovery.type = nats_stream
plugin.choria.adapter.discovery.queue_len = 1000 # default

Configure the stream: = stan1:4222,stan2:4222 = prod = discovery # default = 10 # default

Configure the NATS ingest:

plugin.choria.adapter.discovery.ingest.topic = mcollective.broadcast.agent.discovery
plugin.choria.adapter.discovery.ingest.protocol = request # or reply
plugin.choria.adapter.discovery.ingest.workers = 10 # default

func Create

func Create(name string, choria ChoriaFramework) (adapter *NatStream, err error)

func (*NatStream) Init

func (sa *NatStream) Init(ctx context.Context, cm inter.ConnectionManager) (err error)

func (*NatStream) Process

func (sa *NatStream) Process(ctx context.Context, wg *sync.WaitGroup)

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