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A minimalistic adapter for github.com/gliderlabs/logspout to write to Logstash UDP

Follow the instructions in https://github.com/gliderlabs/logspout/tree/master/custom on how to build your own Logspout container with custom modules. Basically just copy the contents of the custom folder and include:

import (
  _ "github.com/looplab/logspout-logstash"
  _ "github.com/gliderlabs/logspout/transports/udp"

in modules.go.

Use by setting ROUTE_URIS=logstash://host:port to the Logstash host and port for UDP.

In your logstash config, set the input codec to json e.g:

input { udp { port => 5000 codec => json } }




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func NewLogstashAdapter

func NewLogstashAdapter(route *router.Route) (router.LogAdapter, error)

NewLogstashAdapter creates a LogstashAdapter with UDP as the default transport.


type LogstashAdapter

type LogstashAdapter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

LogstashAdapter is an adapter that streams UDP JSON to Logstash.

func (*LogstashAdapter) Stream

func (a *LogstashAdapter) Stream(logstream chan *router.Message)

Stream implements the router.LogAdapter interface.

type LogstashMessage

type LogstashMessage struct {
	Message  string `json:"message"`
	Name     string `json:"docker_name"`
	ID       string `json:"docker_id"`
	Image    string `json:"docker_image"`
	Hostname string `json:"docker_hostname"`

LogstashMessage is a simple JSON input to Logstash.

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