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var CNIurl string = ""
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var KubernetesVersion string = "v1.23.3"


func CreateAwsK8sInstance

func CreateAwsK8sInstance(kindkconfig string, clusterName *string, workdir string, awscreds map[string]string, capicfg string, createHaCluster bool, skipCloudFormation bool) (bool, error)

CreateAwsK8sInstance creates a Kubernetes cluster on AWS using CAPI and CAPI-AWS

func CreateAzureK8sInstance added in v0.0.6

func CreateAzureK8sInstance(kindkconfig string, clusterName *string, workdir string, azureCredsMap map[string]string, capicfg string, createHaCluster bool) (bool, error)

func CreateDevelK8sInstance

func CreateDevelK8sInstance(kindkconfig string, clusterName *string, workdir string, capicfg string, createHaCluster bool) (bool, error)

CreateDevelK8sInstance creates a K8S cluster on Docker

func DeleteCluster

func DeleteCluster(cfg string, name string) (bool, error)

DeleteCluster deletes the given capi managed cluster

func DoSSA

func DoSSA(ctx context.Context, cfg *rest.Config, yaml string) error

DoSSA does service side apply with the given YAML

func MoveAzureSecrets added in v0.0.6

func MoveAzureSecrets(src string, dest string) (bool, error)


func MoveMgmtCluster

func MoveMgmtCluster(src string, dest string, capiImplementation string) (bool, error)

MoveMgmtCluster moves the management cluster from src kubeconfig to dest kubeconfig

func WaitForDeletion

func WaitForDeletion(dynclient client.Client, obj client.Object, retryInterval, timeout time.Duration) error

WaitForDeletion waits for the resouce to be deleted func WaitForDeletion(dynclient client.Client, obj runtime.Object, retryInterval, timeout time.Duration) error {


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