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func CompareFiles

func CompareFiles(a, b string) ([]byte, error)

CompareFiles returns the diff between files a, b.

func WalkAndCompare

func WalkAndCompare(dir, mask string, filename string, cmp func(*FileInfo, *FileInfo) bool) ([]byte, error)

WalkAndCompare walks dir, looking for files matching the supplied regexp mask, successively comparing each against filename. The first having a diff (compared by most recent first) will be returned.

Useful for comparing multiple files to find the most recent difference from a set of files matching mask that likely have the same content.


type FileInfo

type FileInfo struct {
	Name string
	Info os.FileInfo

FileInfo contains file information.

func FindFilesWithMask

func FindFilesWithMask(dir, mask string, exclude ...string) ([]*FileInfo, error)

FindFilesWithMask walks dir finding all files with the regexp mask, removing any exclude'd files.

func (*FileInfo) String

func (fi *FileInfo) String() string

String satisfies fmt.Stringer.

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