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const (
	// Noun is a noun placeholder.
	Noun = 1
	// Verb is a verb placeholder.
	Verb = 2
	// Adjective is an adjective placeholder.
	Adjective = 3
	// Adverb is an adverb placeholder.
	Adverb = 4


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type Service

type Service struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Service provides all actions with the database.

func New

func New() *Service

New is a Service's constructor.

func (*Service) Gen

func (s *Service) Gen(l int, c int, i int) (string, error)

Gen returns an i-th word with the length l in category c.

func (*Service) Init

func (s *Service) Init(cfg *config.DBConfig) error

Init initialize the database connection.

func (*Service) Len

func (s *Service) Len(l int, c int) (int, error)

Len returns the number of words with the length l in category c.

func (*Service) Stop

func (s *Service) Stop() error

Stop closes the database connection.

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