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const (
	//MsgTypeText 表示文本消息
	MsgTypeText MsgType = "text"
	//MsgTypeImage 表示图片消息
	MsgTypeImage = "image"
	//MsgTypeVoice 表示语音消息
	MsgTypeVoice = "voice"
	//MsgTypeVideo 表示视频消息
	MsgTypeVideo = "video"
	//MsgTypeShortVideo 表示短视频消息[限接收]
	MsgTypeShortVideo = "shortvideo"
	//MsgTypeLocation 表示坐标消息[限接收]
	MsgTypeLocation = "location"
	//MsgTypeLink 表示链接消息[限接收]
	MsgTypeLink = "link"
	//MsgTypeMusic 表示音乐消息[限回复]
	MsgTypeMusic = "music"
	//MsgTypeNews 表示图文消息[限回复]
	MsgTypeNews = "news"
	//MsgTypeTransfer 表示消息消息转发到客服
	MsgTypeTransfer = "transfer_customer_service"
	//MsgTypeEvent 表示事件推送消息
	MsgTypeEvent = "event"
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const (
	//EventSubscribe 订阅
	EventSubscribe EventType = "subscribe"
	//EventUnsubscribe 取消订阅
	EventUnsubscribe = "unsubscribe"
	//EventScan 用户已经关注公众号,则微信会将带场景值扫描事件推送给开发者
	EventScan = "SCAN"
	//EventLocation 上报地理位置事件
	EventLocation = "LOCATION"
	//EventClick 点击菜单拉取消息时的事件推送
	EventClick = "CLICK"
	//EventView 点击菜单跳转链接时的事件推送
	EventView = "VIEW"
	//EventScancodePush 扫码推事件的事件推送
	EventScancodePush = "scancode_push"
	//EventScancodeWaitmsg 扫码推事件且弹出“消息接收中”提示框的事件推送
	EventScancodeWaitmsg = "scancode_waitmsg"
	//EventPicSysphoto 弹出系统拍照发图的事件推送
	EventPicSysphoto = "pic_sysphoto"
	//EventPicPhotoOrAlbum 弹出拍照或者相册发图的事件推送
	EventPicPhotoOrAlbum = "pic_photo_or_album"
	//EventPicWeixin 弹出微信相册发图器的事件推送
	EventPicWeixin = "pic_weixin"
	//EventLocationSelect 弹出地理位置选择器的事件推送
	EventLocationSelect = "location_select"
	//EventTemplateSendJobFinish 发送模板消息推送通知
	EventTemplateSendJobFinish = "TEMPLATESENDJOBFINISH"


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var ErrInvalidReply = errors.New("无效的回复消息")

ErrInvalidReply 无效的回复

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var ErrUnsupportReply = errors.New("不支持的回复消息")

ErrUnsupportReply 不支持的回复类型


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type Article

type Article struct {
	Title       string `xml:"Title,omitempty"`
	Description string `xml:"Description,omitempty"`
	PicURL      string `xml:"PicUrl,omitempty"`
	URL         string `xml:"Url,omitempty"`

Article 单篇文章

func NewArticle

func NewArticle(title, description, picURL, url string) *Article

NewArticle 初始化文章

type CommonToken

type CommonToken struct {
	XMLName      xml.Name `xml:"xml"`
	ToUserName   string   `xml:"ToUserName"`
	FromUserName string   `xml:"FromUserName"`
	CreateTime   int64    `xml:"CreateTime"`
	MsgType      MsgType  `xml:"MsgType"`

CommonToken 消息中通用的结构

func (*CommonToken) SetCreateTime

func (msg *CommonToken) SetCreateTime(createTime int64)

SetCreateTime set createTime

func (*CommonToken) SetFromUserName

func (msg *CommonToken) SetFromUserName(fromUserName string)

SetFromUserName set FromUserName

func (*CommonToken) SetMsgType

func (msg *CommonToken) SetMsgType(msgType MsgType)

SetMsgType set MsgType

func (*CommonToken) SetToUserName

func (msg *CommonToken) SetToUserName(toUserName string)

SetToUserName set ToUserName

type EncryptedXMLMsg

type EncryptedXMLMsg struct {
	XMLName      struct{} `xml:"xml" json:"-"`
	ToUserName   string   `xml:"ToUserName" json:"ToUserName"`
	EncryptedMsg string   `xml:"Encrypt"    json:"Encrypt"`

EncryptedXMLMsg 安全模式下的消息体

type EventPic

type EventPic struct {
	PicMd5Sum string `xml:"PicMd5Sum"`

EventPic 发图事件推送

type EventType

type EventType string

EventType 事件类型

type Image

type Image struct {

	Image struct {
		MediaID string `xml:"MediaId"`
	} `xml:"Image"`

Image 图片消息

func NewImage

func NewImage(mediaID string) *Image

NewImage 回复图片消息

type MixMessage

type MixMessage struct {

	MsgID        int64   `xml:"MsgId"`
	Content      string  `xml:"Content"`
	Recognition  string  `xml:"Recognition"`
	PicURL       string  `xml:"PicUrl"`
	MediaID      string  `xml:"MediaId"`
	Format       string  `xml:"Format"`
	ThumbMediaID string  `xml:"ThumbMediaId"`
	LocationX    float64 `xml:"Location_X"`
	LocationY    float64 `xml:"Location_Y"`
	Scale        float64 `xml:"Scale"`
	Label        string  `xml:"Label"`
	Title        string  `xml:"Title"`
	Description  string  `xml:"Description"`
	URL          string  `xml:"Url"`

	Event       EventType `xml:"Event"`
	EventKey    string    `xml:"EventKey"`
	Ticket      string    `xml:"Ticket"`
	Latitude    string    `xml:"Latitude"`
	Longitude   string    `xml:"Longitude"`
	Precision   string    `xml:"Precision"`
	MenuID      string    `xml:"MenuId"`
	Status      string    `xml:"Status"`
	SessionFrom string    `xml:"SessionFrom"`

	ScanCodeInfo struct {
		ScanType   string `xml:"ScanType"`
		ScanResult string `xml:"ScanResult"`
	} `xml:"ScanCodeInfo"`

	SendPicsInfo struct {
		Count   int32      `xml:"Count"`
		PicList []EventPic `xml:"PicList>item"`
	} `xml:"SendPicsInfo"`

	SendLocationInfo struct {
		LocationX float64 `xml:"Location_X"`
		LocationY float64 `xml:"Location_Y"`
		Scale     float64 `xml:"Scale"`
		Label     string  `xml:"Label"`
		Poiname   string  `xml:"Poiname"`

MixMessage 存放所有微信发送过来的消息和事件

type MsgType

type MsgType string

MsgType 基本消息类型

type Music

type Music struct {

	Music struct {
		Title        string `xml:"Title"        `
		Description  string `xml:"Description"  `
		MusicURL     string `xml:"MusicUrl"     `
		HQMusicURL   string `xml:"HQMusicUrl"   `
		ThumbMediaID string `xml:"ThumbMediaId"`
	} `xml:"Music"`

Music 音乐消息

func NewMusic

func NewMusic(title, description, musicURL, hQMusicURL, thumbMediaID string) *Music

NewMusic 回复音乐消息

type News

type News struct {

	ArticleCount int        `xml:"ArticleCount"`
	Articles     []*Article `xml:"Articles>item,omitempty"`

News 图文消息

func NewNews

func NewNews(articles []*Article) *News

NewNews 初始化图文消息

type Reply

type Reply struct {
	MsgType MsgType
	MsgData interface{}

Reply 消息回复

type ResponseEncryptedXMLMsg

type ResponseEncryptedXMLMsg struct {
	XMLName      struct{} `xml:"xml" json:"-"`
	EncryptedMsg string   `xml:"Encrypt"      json:"Encrypt"`
	MsgSignature string   `xml:"MsgSignature" json:"MsgSignature"`
	Timestamp    int64    `xml:"TimeStamp"    json:"TimeStamp"`
	Nonce        string   `xml:"Nonce"        json:"Nonce"`

ResponseEncryptedXMLMsg 需要返回的消息体

type Text

type Text struct {
	Content string `xml:"Content"`

Text 文本消息

func NewText

func NewText(content string) *Text

NewText 初始化文本消息

type TransInfo

type TransInfo struct {
	KfAccount string `xml:"KfAccount"`

TransInfo 转发到指定客服

type TransferCustomer

type TransferCustomer struct {

	TransInfo *TransInfo `xml:"TransInfo,omitempty"`

TransferCustomer 转发客服消息

func NewTransferCustomer

func NewTransferCustomer(KfAccount string) *TransferCustomer

NewTransferCustomer 实例化

type Video

type Video struct {

	Video struct {
		MediaID     string `xml:"MediaId"`
		Title       string `xml:"Title,omitempty"`
		Description string `xml:"Description,omitempty"`
	} `xml:"Video"`

Video 视频消息

func NewVideo

func NewVideo(mediaID, title, description string) *Video

NewVideo 回复图片消息

type Voice

type Voice struct {

	Voice struct {
		MediaID string `xml:"MediaId"`
	} `xml:"Voice"`

Voice 语音消息

func NewVoice

func NewVoice(mediaID string) *Voice

NewVoice 回复语音消息

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