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type DNSGetter

type DNSGetter interface {
	// GetNamesOf fetches FQDNs of a given IP from the perspective of
	// the endpoint with ID sourceEpID. The returned names must not have
	// trailing dots.
	GetNamesOf(sourceEpID uint32, ip net.IP) (names []string)

DNSGetter ...

type EndpointGetter

type EndpointGetter interface {
	// GetEndpointInfo looks up endpoint by IP address.
	GetEndpointInfo(ip net.IP) (endpoint v1.EndpointInfo, ok bool)
	// GetEndpointInfo looks up endpoint by id
	GetEndpointInfoByID(id uint16) (endpoint v1.EndpointInfo, ok bool)

EndpointGetter ...

type EndpointsGetter added in v1.10.0

type EndpointsGetter interface {
	// GetEndpoints returns a map of the current policy.Endpoint(s).
	GetEndpoints() map[policy.Endpoint]struct{}

type IPGetter

type IPGetter interface {
	// GetK8sMetadata returns Kubernetes metadata for the given IP address.
	GetK8sMetadata(ip net.IP) *ipcache.K8sMetadata
	// LookupSecIDByIP returns the corresponding security identity that
	// endpoint IP maps to as well as if the corresponding entry exists.
	LookupSecIDByIP(ip net.IP) (ipcache.Identity, bool)

IPGetter fetches per-IP metadata

type IdentityGetter

type IdentityGetter interface {
	// GetIdentity fetches a full identity object given a numeric security id.
	GetIdentity(id uint32) (*models.Identity, error)

IdentityGetter ...

type ServiceGetter

type ServiceGetter interface {
	GetServiceByAddr(ip net.IP, port uint16) (service flowpb.Service, ok bool)

ServiceGetter fetches service metadata.

type StoreGetter

type StoreGetter interface {
	// GetK8sStore return the k8s watcher cache store for the given resource name.
	// Currently only resource networkpolicy and namespace are supported.
	// WARNING: the objects returned by these stores can't be used to create
	// update objects into k8s as well as the objects returned by these stores
	// should only be used for reading.
	GetK8sStore(name string) cache.Store

StoreGetter ...

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