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const MinTLSVersion = tls.VersionTLS13

    MinTLSVersion defines the minimum TLS version clients are expected to support in order to establish a connection to the hubble-relay server.


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    var (
    	// ErrNoClientTLSConfig is returned when no client TLS config is set unless
    	// WithInsecureClient() is provided.
    	ErrNoClientTLSConfig = errors.New("no client TLS config is set")
    	// ErrNoServerTLSConfig is returned when no server TLS config is set unless
    	// WithInsecureServer() is provided.
    	ErrNoServerTLSConfig = errors.New("no server TLS config is set")


    This section is empty.


    type Option

    type Option func(o *options) error

      Option customizes the configuration of the hubble-relay server.

      func WithClientTLS

      func WithClientTLS(cfg certloader.ClientConfigBuilder) Option

        WithClientTLS sets the transport credentials for connecting to peers based on the provided TLS configuration.

        func WithDialTimeout

        func WithDialTimeout(t time.Duration) Option

          WithDialTimeout sets the dial timeout that is used when establishing a connection to a hubble peer.

          func WithErrorAggregationWindow

          func WithErrorAggregationWindow(d time.Duration) Option

            WithErrorAggregationWindow sets a time window during which errors with the same error message are coalesced. The aggregated error is forwarded to the downstream consumer either when the window expires or when a new, different error occurs (whichever happens first)

            func WithHubbleTarget

            func WithHubbleTarget(t string) Option

              WithHubbleTarget sets the URL of the local hubble instance to connect to. This target MUST implement the Peer service.

              func WithInsecureClient

              func WithInsecureClient() Option

                WithInsecureClient disables transport security for connection to Hubble server instances. Transport security is required to WithInsecureClient is set (not recommended).

                func WithInsecureServer

                func WithInsecureServer() Option

                  WithInsecureServer disables transport security. Transport security is required for the server unless WithInsecureServer is set (not recommended).

                  func WithListenAddress

                  func WithListenAddress(a string) Option

                    WithListenAddress sets the listen address for the hubble-relay server.

                    func WithLogger

                    func WithLogger(log logrus.FieldLogger) Option

                      WithLogger set the logger used by hubble-relay.

                      func WithRetryTimeout

                      func WithRetryTimeout(t time.Duration) Option

                        WithRetryTimeout sets the duration to wait before attempting to re-connect to a hubble peer when the connection is lost.

                        func WithServerTLS

                        func WithServerTLS(cfg certloader.ServerConfigBuilder) Option

                          WithServerTLS sets the transport credentials for the server based on TLS.

                          func WithSortBufferDrainTimeout

                          func WithSortBufferDrainTimeout(d time.Duration) Option

                            WithSortBufferDrainTimeout sets the sort buffer drain timeout value. For flows requests where the total number of flows cannot be determined (typically for flows requests in follow mode), a flow is taken out of the buffer and sent to the client after duration d if the buffer is not full. This value must be greater than 0. Setting this value too low would render the flows sorting operation ineffective. A value between 500 milliseconds and 3 seconds should be constitute a good choice in most cases.

                            func WithSortBufferMaxLen

                            func WithSortBufferMaxLen(i int) Option

                              WithSortBufferMaxLen sets the maximum number of flows that can be buffered for sorting before being sent to the client. The provided value must be greater than 0 and is to be understood per client request. Therefore, it is advised to keep the value moderate (a value between 30 and 100 should constitute a good choice in most cases).

                              type Server

                              type Server struct {
                              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                Server is a proxy that connects to a running instance of hubble gRPC server via unix domain socket.

                                func New

                                func New(options ...Option) (*Server, error)

                                  New creates a new Server.

                                  func (*Server) Serve

                                  func (s *Server) Serve() error

                                    Serve starts the hubble-relay server. Serve does not return unless a listening fails with fatal errors. Serve will return a non-nil error if Stop() is not called.

                                    func (*Server) Stop

                                    func (s *Server) Stop()

                                      Stop terminates the hubble-relay server.