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const (
	// LPCfgFileVersion represents the version of a Label Prefix Configuration File
	LPCfgFileVersion = 1


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func Filter

func Filter(lbls labels.Labels) (identityLabels, informationLabels labels.Labels)

    Filter returns Labels from the given labels that have the same source and the same prefix as one of lpc valid prefixes, as well as labels that do not match the aforementioned filtering criteria.

    func ParseLabelPrefixCfg

    func ParseLabelPrefixCfg(prefixes []string, file string) error

      ParseLabelPrefixCfg parses valid label prefixes from a file and from a slice of valid prefixes. Both are optional. If both are provided, both list are appended together.


      type LabelPrefix

      type LabelPrefix struct {
      	// Ignore if true will cause this prefix to be ignored insted of being accepted
      	Ignore bool   `json:"invert"`
      	Prefix string `json:"prefix"`
      	Source string `json:"source"`
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        LabelPrefix is the cilium's representation of a container label. +k8s:deepcopy-gen=false +k8s:openapi-gen=false +deepequal-gen=false

        func (LabelPrefix) String

        func (p LabelPrefix) String() string

          String returns a human readable representation of the LabelPrefix

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