Package bwmap represents the BPF map used to enforce Pod bandwidth limitations via EDT (Earliest Departure Time) + BPF. +groupName=maps



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    const (
    	MapName = "cilium_throttle"
    	// Flow aggregate is per Pod, so same size as Endpoint map.
    	MapSize = lxcmap.MaxEntries
    	// DefaultDropHorizon represents maximum allowed departure
    	// time delta in future. Given applications can set SO_TXTIME
    	// from user space this is a limit to prevent buggy applications
    	// to fill the FQ qdisc.
    	DefaultDropHorizon = 2 * time.Second



    func Delete

    func Delete(Id uint16) error

    func Update

    func Update(Id uint16, Bps uint64) error


    type EdtId

    type EdtId struct {
    	Id uint64 `align:"id"`

    func (*EdtId) DeepCopyMapKey

    func (k *EdtId) DeepCopyMapKey() bpf.MapKey

    func (*EdtId) GetKeyPtr

    func (k *EdtId) GetKeyPtr() unsafe.Pointer

    func (*EdtId) NewValue

    func (k *EdtId) NewValue() bpf.MapValue

    func (*EdtId) String

    func (k *EdtId) String() string

    type EdtInfo

    type EdtInfo struct {
    	Bps             uint64    `align:"bps"`
    	TimeLast        uint64    `align:"t_last"`
    	TimeHorizonDrop uint64    `align:"t_horizon_drop"`
    	Pad             [4]uint64 `align:"pad"`

    func (*EdtInfo) DeepCopyMapValue

    func (v *EdtInfo) DeepCopyMapValue() bpf.MapValue

    func (*EdtInfo) GetValuePtr

    func (v *EdtInfo) GetValuePtr() unsafe.Pointer

    func (*EdtInfo) String

    func (v *EdtInfo) String() string

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