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const (
	// DefaultLxcBridge is the package created container bridge
	DefaultLxcBridge = "lxcbr0"
	// Btrfs is special as we treat it differently for create and clone.
	Btrfs = "btrfs"


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var (
	TemplateLockDir = "/var/lib/juju/locks"

	TemplateStopTimeout = 5 * time.Minute
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var (
	LxcContainerDir  = golxc.GetDefaultLXCContainerDir()
	LxcRestartDir    = "/etc/lxc/auto"
	LxcObjectFactory = golxc.Factory()
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var FsCommandOutput = (*exec.Cmd).CombinedOutput

FsCommandOutput calls cmd.Output, this is used as an overloading point so we can test what *would* be run without actually executing another program


func AcquireTemplateLock

func AcquireTemplateLock(name, message string) (*container.Lock, error)

func DefaultNetworkConfig

func DefaultNetworkConfig() *container.NetworkConfig

DefaultNetworkConfig returns a valid NetworkConfig to use the defaultLxcBridge that is created by the lxc package.

func EnsureCloneTemplate

func EnsureCloneTemplate(
	backingFilesystem string,
	series string,
	networkConfig *container.NetworkConfig,
	authorizedKeys string,
	aptProxy proxy.Settings,
	aptMirror string,
	enablePackageUpdates bool,
	enableOSUpgrades bool,
	imageURLGetter container.ImageURLGetter,
	useAUFS bool,
) (golxc.Container, error)

Make sure a template exists that we can clone from.

func IsLXCSupported

func IsLXCSupported() (bool, error)

IsLXCSupported returns a boolean value indicating whether or not we can run LXC containers.

func NewContainerInitialiser

func NewContainerInitialiser(series string) container.Initialiser

NewContainerInitialiser returns an instance used to perform the steps required to allow a host machine to run a LXC container.

func NewContainerManager

func NewContainerManager(
	conf container.ManagerConfig,
	imageURLGetter container.ImageURLGetter,
	loopDeviceManager looputil.LoopDeviceManager,
) (container.Manager, error)

NewContainerManager returns a manager object that can start and stop lxc containers. The containers that are created are namespaced by the name parameter inside the given ManagerConfig.


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