The dummy provider implements an environment provider for testing purposes, registered with environs under the name "dummy".

    The configuration YAML for the testing environment must specify a "state-server" property with a boolean value. If this is true, a state server will be started when the environment is bootstrapped.

    The configuration data also accepts a "broken" property of type boolean. If this is non-empty, any operation after the environment has been opened will return the error "broken environment", and will also log that.

    The DNS name of instances is the same as the Id, with ".dns" appended.

    To avoid enumerating all possible series and architectures, any series or architecture with the prefix "unknown" is treated as bad when starting a new instance.



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    const (
    	BootstrapInstanceId = instance.Id("localhost")


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    var (
    	ErrNotPrepared = errors.New("environment is not prepared")
    	ErrDestroyed   = errors.New("environment has been destroyed")
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    var DataDir = ""

      Override for testing - the data directory with which the state api server is initialised.

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      var LogDir = ""


      func AdminUserTag

      func AdminUserTag() names.UserTag

        AdminUserTag returns the user tag used to bootstrap the dummy environment. The dummy bootstrapping is handled slightly differently, and the user is created as part of the bootstrap process. This method is used to provide tests a way to get to the user name that was used to initialise the database, and as such, is the owner of the initial environment.

        func IsSameStorage

        func IsSameStorage(s1, s2 storage.Storage) bool

          IsSameStorage returns whether the storage instances are the same. Both storages must have been created through the dummy provider.

          func Listen

          func Listen(c chan<- Operation)

            Listen closes the previously registered listener (if any). Subsequent operations on any dummy environment can be received on c (if not nil).

            func PatchTransientErrorInjectionChannel

            func PatchTransientErrorInjectionChannel(c chan error) func()

              PatchTransientErrorInjectionChannel sets the transientInjectionError channel which can be used to inject errors into StartInstance for testing purposes The injected errors will use the string received on the channel and the instance's state will eventually go to error, while the received string will appear in the info field of the machine's status

              func Poison

              func Poison(ss storage.Storage, path string, poisonErr error)

                Poison causes all fetches of the given path to return the given error.

                func Reset

                func Reset()

                  Reset resets the entire dummy environment and forgets any registered operation listener. All opened environments after Reset will share the same underlying state.

                  func SampleConfig

                  func SampleConfig() testing.Attrs

                    SampleConfig() returns an environment configuration with all required attributes set.

                    func SetInstanceAddresses

                    func SetInstanceAddresses(inst instance.Instance, addrs []network.Address)

                      SetInstanceAddresses sets the addresses associated with the given dummy instance.

                      func SetInstanceStatus

                      func SetInstanceStatus(inst instance.Instance, status string)

                        SetInstanceStatus sets the status associated with the given dummy instance.

                        func SetStatePolicy

                        func SetStatePolicy(policy state.Policy)

                          SetStatePolicy sets the state.Policy to use when a state server is initialised by dummy.

                          func SetStorageDelay

                          func SetStorageDelay(d time.Duration)

                            SetStorageDelay causes any storage download operation in any current environment to be delayed for the given duration.

                            func SetSupportsSpaces

                            func SetSupportsSpaces(supports bool) bool

                              SetSupportsSpaces allows to enable and disable SupportsSpaces for tests.


                              type OpAllocateAddress

                              type OpAllocateAddress struct {
                              	Env        string
                              	InstanceId instance.Id
                              	SubnetId   network.Id
                              	Address    network.Address
                              	HostName   string
                              	MACAddress string

                              type OpBootstrap

                              type OpBootstrap struct {
                              	Context environs.BootstrapContext
                              	Env     string
                              	Args    environs.BootstrapParams

                              type OpClosePorts

                              type OpClosePorts struct {
                              	Env        string
                              	MachineId  string
                              	InstanceId instance.Id
                              	Ports      []network.PortRange

                              type OpDestroy

                              type OpDestroy struct {
                              	Env   string
                              	Error error

                              type OpFinalizeBootstrap

                              type OpFinalizeBootstrap struct {
                              	Context        environs.BootstrapContext
                              	Env            string
                              	InstanceConfig *instancecfg.InstanceConfig

                              type OpNetworkInterfaces

                              type OpNetworkInterfaces struct {
                              	Env        string
                              	InstanceId instance.Id
                              	Info       []network.InterfaceInfo

                              type OpOpenPorts

                              type OpOpenPorts struct {
                              	Env        string
                              	MachineId  string
                              	InstanceId instance.Id
                              	Ports      []network.PortRange

                              type OpPutFile

                              type OpPutFile struct {
                              	Env      string
                              	FileName string

                              type OpReleaseAddress

                              type OpReleaseAddress struct {
                              	Env        string
                              	InstanceId instance.Id
                              	SubnetId   network.Id
                              	Address    network.Address
                              	MACAddress string

                              type OpStartInstance

                              type OpStartInstance struct {
                              	Env              string
                              	MachineId        string
                              	MachineNonce     string
                              	PossibleTools    coretools.List
                              	Instance         instance.Instance
                              	Constraints      constraints.Value
                              	SubnetsToZones   map[network.Id][]string
                              	Networks         []string
                              	NetworkInfo      []network.InterfaceInfo
                              	Volumes          []storage.Volume
                              	Info             *mongo.MongoInfo
                              	Jobs             []multiwatcher.MachineJob
                              	APIInfo          *api.Info
                              	Secret           string
                              	AgentEnvironment map[string]string

                              type OpStopInstances

                              type OpStopInstances struct {
                              	Env string
                              	Ids []instance.Id

                              type OpSubnets

                              type OpSubnets struct {
                              	Env        string
                              	InstanceId instance.Id
                              	SubnetIds  []network.Id
                              	Info       []network.SubnetInfo

                              type Operation

                              type Operation interface{}

                                Operation represents an action on the dummy provider.