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const (
	SdcAccount          = "SDC_ACCOUNT"
	SdcKeyId            = "SDC_KEY_ID"
	SdcUrl              = "SDC_URL"
	MantaUser           = "MANTA_USER"
	MantaKeyId          = "MANTA_KEY_ID"
	MantaUrl            = "MANTA_URL"
	MantaPrivateKeyFile = "MANTA_PRIVATE_KEY_FILE"


This section is empty.


func GetProviderInstance

func GetProviderInstance() environs.EnvironProvider


type JoyentRenderer

type JoyentRenderer struct{}

func (JoyentRenderer) EncodeUserdata

func (JoyentRenderer) EncodeUserdata(udata []byte, os jujuos.OSType) ([]byte, error)

type JoyentStorage

type JoyentStorage struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*JoyentStorage) DefaultConsistencyStrategy

func (s *JoyentStorage) DefaultConsistencyStrategy() utils.AttemptStrategy

func (*JoyentStorage) DeleteContainer

func (s *JoyentStorage) DeleteContainer(containerName string) error

    DeleteContainer deletes the named container from the storage account.

    func (*JoyentStorage) Get

    func (s *JoyentStorage) Get(name string) (io.ReadCloser, error)

    func (*JoyentStorage) GetContainerName

    func (s *JoyentStorage) GetContainerName() string

    func (*JoyentStorage) GetMantaUrl

    func (s *JoyentStorage) GetMantaUrl() string

    func (*JoyentStorage) GetMantaUser

    func (s *JoyentStorage) GetMantaUser() string

    func (*JoyentStorage) List

    func (s *JoyentStorage) List(prefix string) ([]string, error)

    func (*JoyentStorage) Put

    func (s *JoyentStorage) Put(name string, r io.Reader, length int64) error

    func (*JoyentStorage) Remove

    func (s *JoyentStorage) Remove(name string) error

    func (*JoyentStorage) RemoveAll

    func (s *JoyentStorage) RemoveAll() error

    func (*JoyentStorage) ShouldRetry

    func (s *JoyentStorage) ShouldRetry(err error) bool

    func (*JoyentStorage) URL

    func (s *JoyentStorage) URL(name string) (string, error)

      return something that a random wget can retrieve the object at, without any credentials