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const (
	SetDNSTemplate = `` /* 207-byte string literal not displayed */

	ResetDNSTemplate = `` /* 180-byte string literal not displayed */

	NicSettingsTemplate = `
netsh interface ip set address %q static %s %s %s
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const DefaultAddress = ``
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const UbuntuNetManagerLogTag = "UbuntuNetManager"


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func LockFileExistsForConfiguredInterfaces

func LockFileExistsForConfiguredInterfaces(dirProvider boshdirs.Provider) bool

func LockFileExistsForDNS

func LockFileExistsForDNS(fs boshsys.FileSystem, dirProvider boshdir.Provider) bool

func LockFileExistsForRandomizedPasswords

func LockFileExistsForRandomizedPasswords(fs boshsys.FileSystem, dirProvider boshdir.Provider) bool

func NewDefaultNetworkResolver

func NewDefaultNetworkResolver(
	routesSearcher RoutesSearcher,
	ipResolver boship.Resolver,
) boshsettings.DefaultNetworkResolver

func WriteLockFileForDNS

func WriteLockFileForDNS(fs boshsys.FileSystem, dirProvider boshdir.Provider) error

func WriteLockFileForRandomizedPasswords

func WriteLockFileForRandomizedPasswords(fs boshsys.FileSystem, dirProvider boshdir.Provider) error


type DHCPInterfaceConfiguration

type DHCPInterfaceConfiguration struct {
	Name         string
	PostUpRoutes boshsettings.Routes
	Address      string

func (DHCPInterfaceConfiguration) IsVersion6

func (c DHCPInterfaceConfiguration) IsVersion6() bool

func (DHCPInterfaceConfiguration) Version6

func (c DHCPInterfaceConfiguration) Version6() string

type DHCPInterfaceConfigurations

type DHCPInterfaceConfigurations []DHCPInterfaceConfiguration

func (DHCPInterfaceConfigurations) HasVersion6

func (configs DHCPInterfaceConfigurations) HasVersion6() bool

func (DHCPInterfaceConfigurations) Len

func (configs DHCPInterfaceConfigurations) Len() int

func (DHCPInterfaceConfigurations) Less

func (configs DHCPInterfaceConfigurations) Less(i, j int) bool

func (DHCPInterfaceConfigurations) Swap

func (configs DHCPInterfaceConfigurations) Swap(i, j int)

type DNSValidator

type DNSValidator interface {
	Validate([]string) error

func NewDNSValidator

func NewDNSValidator(fs boshsys.FileSystem) DNSValidator

type Interface

type Interface struct {
	Name    string
	Gateway string

type InterfaceConfigurationCreator

type InterfaceConfigurationCreator interface {
	CreateInterfaceConfigurations(boshsettings.Networks, map[string]string) ([]StaticInterfaceConfiguration, []DHCPInterfaceConfiguration, error)

func NewInterfaceConfigurationCreator

func NewInterfaceConfigurationCreator(logger boshlog.Logger) InterfaceConfigurationCreator

type InterfaceManager

type InterfaceManager interface {
	GetInterfaces() ([]Interface, error)

func NewInterfaceManager

func NewInterfaceManager() InterfaceManager

type KernelIPv6

type KernelIPv6 interface {
	Enable(stopCh <-chan struct{}) error

type KernelIPv6Impl

type KernelIPv6Impl struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewKernelIPv6Impl

func NewKernelIPv6Impl(fs boshsys.FileSystem, cmdRunner boshsys.CmdRunner, logger boshlog.Logger) KernelIPv6Impl

func (KernelIPv6Impl) Enable

func (net KernelIPv6Impl) Enable(stopCh <-chan struct{}) error

type MACAddressDetector

type MACAddressDetector interface {
	DetectMacAddresses() (map[string]string, error)

func NewMacAddressDetector

func NewMacAddressDetector(fs boshsys.FileSystem) MACAddressDetector

type Manager

type Manager interface {
	// SetupNetworking configures network interfaces with either a static ip or dhcp.
	// If errCh is provided, nil or an error will be sent
	// upon completion of background network reconfiguration (e.g. arping).
	SetupNetworking(networks boshsettings.Networks, errCh chan error) error

	// Returns the list of interfaces that have configurations for them present
	GetConfiguredNetworkInterfaces() ([]string, error)

	SetupIPv6(boshsettings.IPv6, <-chan struct{}) error

func NewUbuntuNetManager

func NewUbuntuNetManager(
	fs boshsys.FileSystem,
	cmdRunner boshsys.CmdRunner,
	ipResolver boship.Resolver,
	macAddressDetector MACAddressDetector,
	interfaceConfigurationCreator InterfaceConfigurationCreator,
	interfaceAddrsProvider boship.InterfaceAddressesProvider,
	dnsValidator DNSValidator,
	addressBroadcaster bosharp.AddressBroadcaster,
	kernelIPv6 KernelIPv6,
	logger boshlog.Logger,
) Manager

func NewWindowsNetManager

func NewWindowsNetManager(
	runner boshsys.CmdRunner,
	interfaceConfigurationCreator InterfaceConfigurationCreator,
	macAddressDetector MACAddressDetector,
	logger boshlog.Logger,
	clock clock.Clock,
	fs boshsys.FileSystem,
	dirProvider boshdirs.Provider,
) Manager

type Route

type Route struct {
	Destination   string
	Gateway       string
	Netmask       string
	InterfaceName string

func (Route) IsDefault

func (r Route) IsDefault() bool

type RoutesSearcher

type RoutesSearcher interface {
	SearchRoutes() ([]Route, error)

func NewRoutesSearcher

func NewRoutesSearcher(logger boshlog.Logger, runner boshsys.CmdRunner, _ InterfaceManager) RoutesSearcher

type StaticInterfaceConfiguration

type StaticInterfaceConfiguration struct {
	Name                string
	Address             string
	Netmask             string
	Network             string
	Broadcast           string
	IsDefaultForGateway bool
	Mac                 string
	Gateway             string
	PostUpRoutes        boshsettings.Routes
	VirtualInterfaces   []VirtualInterface

func (StaticInterfaceConfiguration) CIDR

func (StaticInterfaceConfiguration) IsVersion6

func (c StaticInterfaceConfiguration) IsVersion6() bool

func (StaticInterfaceConfiguration) Version6

func (c StaticInterfaceConfiguration) Version6() string

type StaticInterfaceConfigurations

type StaticInterfaceConfigurations []StaticInterfaceConfiguration

func (StaticInterfaceConfigurations) HasVersion6

func (configs StaticInterfaceConfigurations) HasVersion6() bool

func (StaticInterfaceConfigurations) Len

func (configs StaticInterfaceConfigurations) Len() int

func (StaticInterfaceConfigurations) Less

func (configs StaticInterfaceConfigurations) Less(i, j int) bool

func (StaticInterfaceConfigurations) Swap

func (configs StaticInterfaceConfigurations) Swap(i, j int)

type UbuntuNetManager

type UbuntuNetManager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (UbuntuNetManager) ComputeNetworkConfig

func (UbuntuNetManager) GetConfiguredNetworkInterfaces

func (net UbuntuNetManager) GetConfiguredNetworkInterfaces() ([]string, error)

func (UbuntuNetManager) SetupIPv6

func (net UbuntuNetManager) SetupIPv6(config boshsettings.IPv6, stopCh <-chan struct{}) error

func (UbuntuNetManager) SetupNetworking

func (net UbuntuNetManager) SetupNetworking(networks boshsettings.Networks, errCh chan error) error

type VirtualInterface

type VirtualInterface struct {
	Label   string
	Address string

type WindowsNetManager

type WindowsNetManager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (WindowsNetManager) ComputeNetworkConfig

func (WindowsNetManager) GetConfiguredNetworkInterfaces

func (net WindowsNetManager) GetConfiguredNetworkInterfaces() ([]string, error)

GetConfiguredNetworkInterfaces returns all of the network interfaces if a previous call to SetupNetworking succeeded as indicated by the presence of a file ("configured_interfaces.txt").

A file is used because there is no good way to determine if network interfaces are configured on Windows and SetupNetworking may be called during bootstrap so it is possible the agent will have restarted since it the last call.

We return all of the network interfaces as we configure DNS for all of the network interfaces. Apart from DNS, the returned network interfaces may not have been configured.

func (WindowsNetManager) SetupIPv6

func (net WindowsNetManager) SetupIPv6(_ boshsettings.IPv6, _ <-chan struct{}) error

func (WindowsNetManager) SetupNetworking

func (net WindowsNetManager) SetupNetworking(networks boshsettings.Networks, errCh chan error) error


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