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type CPULoad

type CPULoad struct {
	One     float64
	Five    float64
	Fifteen float64

type CPUStats

type CPUStats struct {
	User  uint64
	Nice  uint64
	Sys   uint64
	Wait  uint64
	Total uint64

func (CPUStats) SysPercent

func (cpuStats CPUStats) SysPercent() Percentage

func (CPUStats) UserPercent

func (cpuStats CPUStats) UserPercent() Percentage

func (CPUStats) WaitPercent

func (cpuStats CPUStats) WaitPercent() Percentage

type Collector

type Collector interface {
	StartCollecting(time.Duration, chan struct{})

	GetCPULoad() (load CPULoad, err error)
	GetCPUStats() (stats CPUStats, err error)

	GetMemStats() (usage Usage, err error)
	GetSwapStats() (usage Usage, err error)
	GetDiskStats(mountedPath string) (stats DiskStats, err error)

	GetUptimeStats() (stats UptimeStats, err error)

func NewDummyStatsCollector

func NewDummyStatsCollector() (collector Collector)

type DiskStats

type DiskStats struct {
	DiskUsage  Usage
	InodeUsage Usage

type Percentage

type Percentage struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewPercentage

func NewPercentage(part, total uint64) (percentage Percentage)

func (Percentage) FormatFractionOf100

func (p Percentage) FormatFractionOf100(numberOfDecimals int) string

func (Percentage) FractionOf100

func (p Percentage) FractionOf100() float64

type UptimeStats

type UptimeStats struct {
	Secs uint64

type Usage

type Usage struct {
	Used  uint64
	Total uint64

func (Usage) Percent

func (usage Usage) Percent() Percentage


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