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type BundleKey

type BundleKey struct {
	Name    string
	Version string

func NewBundleKey

func NewBundleKey(definition bc.BundleDefinition) BundleKey

type FakeBundle

type FakeBundle struct {
	ActionsCalled []string

	InstallSourcePath   string
	InstallPathInBundle string
	InstallCallBack     FakeBundleInstallCallBack
	InstallPath         string
	InstallError        error
	Installed           bool

	IsInstalledErr error

	GetDirPath  string
	GetDirError error

	EnablePath  string
	EnableError error
	Enabled     bool

	DisableErr error

	UninstallErr error

func NewFakeBundle

func NewFakeBundle() (bundle *FakeBundle)

func (*FakeBundle) Disable

func (s *FakeBundle) Disable() error

func (*FakeBundle) Enable

func (s *FakeBundle) Enable() (string, error)

func (*FakeBundle) GetInstallPath

func (s *FakeBundle) GetInstallPath() (string, error)

func (*FakeBundle) Install

func (s *FakeBundle) Install(sourcePath, pathInBundle string) (string, error)

func (*FakeBundle) InstallWithoutContents

func (s *FakeBundle) InstallWithoutContents() (string, error)

func (*FakeBundle) IsInstalled

func (s *FakeBundle) IsInstalled() (bool, error)

func (*FakeBundle) Uninstall

func (s *FakeBundle) Uninstall() error

type FakeBundleCollection

type FakeBundleCollection struct {
	ListBundles []bc.Bundle
	ListErr     error
	GetErr      error
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewFakeBundleCollection

func NewFakeBundleCollection() *FakeBundleCollection

func (*FakeBundleCollection) FakeGet

func (s *FakeBundleCollection) FakeGet(definition bc.BundleDefinition) *FakeBundle

func (*FakeBundleCollection) Get

func (s *FakeBundleCollection) Get(definition bc.BundleDefinition) (bc.Bundle, error)

func (*FakeBundleCollection) List

func (s *FakeBundleCollection) List() ([]bc.Bundle, error)

type FakeBundleInstallCallBack

type FakeBundleInstallCallBack func()

type FakeClock

type FakeClock struct {
	AfterStub func(time.Duration) <-chan time.Time

	NewTickerStub func(time.Duration) clock.Ticker

	NewTimerStub func(time.Duration) clock.Timer

	NowStub func() time.Time

	SinceStub func(time.Time) time.Duration

	SleepStub func(time.Duration)
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*FakeClock) After

func (fake *FakeClock) After(arg1 time.Duration) <-chan time.Time

func (*FakeClock) AfterArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeClock) AfterArgsForCall(i int) time.Duration

func (*FakeClock) AfterCallCount

func (fake *FakeClock) AfterCallCount() int

func (*FakeClock) AfterCalls

func (fake *FakeClock) AfterCalls(stub func(time.Duration) <-chan time.Time)

func (*FakeClock) AfterReturns

func (fake *FakeClock) AfterReturns(result1 <-chan time.Time)

func (*FakeClock) AfterReturnsOnCall

func (fake *FakeClock) AfterReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 <-chan time.Time)

func (*FakeClock) Invocations

func (fake *FakeClock) Invocations() map[string][][]interface{}

func (*FakeClock) NewTicker

func (fake *FakeClock) NewTicker(arg1 time.Duration) clock.Ticker

func (*FakeClock) NewTickerArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeClock) NewTickerArgsForCall(i int) time.Duration

func (*FakeClock) NewTickerCallCount

func (fake *FakeClock) NewTickerCallCount() int

func (*FakeClock) NewTickerCalls

func (fake *FakeClock) NewTickerCalls(stub func(time.Duration) clock.Ticker)

func (*FakeClock) NewTickerReturns

func (fake *FakeClock) NewTickerReturns(result1 clock.Ticker)

func (*FakeClock) NewTickerReturnsOnCall

func (fake *FakeClock) NewTickerReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 clock.Ticker)

func (*FakeClock) NewTimer

func (fake *FakeClock) NewTimer(arg1 time.Duration) clock.Timer

func (*FakeClock) NewTimerArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeClock) NewTimerArgsForCall(i int) time.Duration

func (*FakeClock) NewTimerCallCount

func (fake *FakeClock) NewTimerCallCount() int

func (*FakeClock) NewTimerCalls

func (fake *FakeClock) NewTimerCalls(stub func(time.Duration) clock.Timer)

func (*FakeClock) NewTimerReturns

func (fake *FakeClock) NewTimerReturns(result1 clock.Timer)

func (*FakeClock) NewTimerReturnsOnCall

func (fake *FakeClock) NewTimerReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 clock.Timer)

func (*FakeClock) Now

func (fake *FakeClock) Now() time.Time

func (*FakeClock) NowCallCount

func (fake *FakeClock) NowCallCount() int

func (*FakeClock) NowCalls

func (fake *FakeClock) NowCalls(stub func() time.Time)

func (*FakeClock) NowReturns

func (fake *FakeClock) NowReturns(result1 time.Time)

func (*FakeClock) NowReturnsOnCall

func (fake *FakeClock) NowReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 time.Time)

func (*FakeClock) Since

func (fake *FakeClock) Since(arg1 time.Time) time.Duration

func (*FakeClock) SinceArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeClock) SinceArgsForCall(i int) time.Time

func (*FakeClock) SinceCallCount

func (fake *FakeClock) SinceCallCount() int

func (*FakeClock) SinceCalls

func (fake *FakeClock) SinceCalls(stub func(time.Time) time.Duration)

func (*FakeClock) SinceReturns

func (fake *FakeClock) SinceReturns(result1 time.Duration)

func (*FakeClock) SinceReturnsOnCall

func (fake *FakeClock) SinceReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 time.Duration)

func (*FakeClock) Sleep

func (fake *FakeClock) Sleep(arg1 time.Duration)

func (*FakeClock) SleepArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeClock) SleepArgsForCall(i int) time.Duration

func (*FakeClock) SleepCallCount

func (fake *FakeClock) SleepCallCount() int

func (*FakeClock) SleepCalls

func (fake *FakeClock) SleepCalls(stub func(time.Duration))

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