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type CancelFunc

type CancelFunc func(task Task) error

type EndFunc

type EndFunc func(task Task)

type Func

type Func func() (value interface{}, err error)

type Info

type Info struct {
	TaskID  string
	Method  string
	Payload []byte

type Manager

type Manager interface {
	GetInfos() ([]Info, error)
	AddInfo(taskInfo Info) error
	RemoveInfo(taskID string) error

func NewManager

func NewManager(logger boshlog.Logger, fs boshsys.FileSystem, tasksPath string) Manager

type ManagerProvider

type ManagerProvider interface {
	NewManager(boshlog.Logger, boshsys.FileSystem, string) Manager

func NewManagerProvider

func NewManagerProvider() ManagerProvider

type Service

type Service interface {
	// Builds tasks but does not record them in any way
	CreateTask(Func, CancelFunc, EndFunc) (Task, error)
	CreateTaskWithID(string, Func, CancelFunc, EndFunc) Task

	// Records that task to run later
	FindTaskWithID(string) (Task, bool)

func NewAsyncTaskService

func NewAsyncTaskService(uuidGen boshuuid.Generator, logger boshlog.Logger) (service Service)

type State

type State string
const (
	StateRunning State = "running"
	StateDone    State = "done"
	StateFailed  State = "failed"

type StateValue

type StateValue struct {
	AgentTaskID string `json:"agent_task_id"`
	State       State  `json:"state"`

type Task

type Task struct {
	ID    string
	State State
	Value interface{}
	Error error

	Func       Func
	CancelFunc CancelFunc
	EndFunc    EndFunc

func (Task) Cancel

func (t Task) Cancel() error


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