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type FakeDNSRecord

type FakeDNSRecord struct {
	DNSServers []string
	Host       string
	IP         string

type FakeDNSResolver

type FakeDNSResolver struct {
	LookupHostErr error
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*FakeDNSResolver) LookupHost

func (res *FakeDNSResolver) LookupHost(dnsServers []string, host string) (string, error)

func (*FakeDNSResolver) RegisterRecord

func (res *FakeDNSResolver) RegisterRecord(record FakeDNSRecord)

type FakeMetadataService

type FakeMetadataService struct {
	LoadErr error

	PublicKey       string
	GetPublicKeyErr error

	InstanceID       string
	GetInstanceIDErr error

	ServerName       string
	GetServerNameErr error

	RegistryEndpoint       string
	GetRegistryEndpointErr error

	Networks    boshsettings.Networks
	NetworksErr error

	Settings    boshsettings.Settings
	SettingsErr error

	Available bool

func (FakeMetadataService) GetInstanceID

func (ms FakeMetadataService) GetInstanceID() (string, error)

func (FakeMetadataService) GetNetworks

func (ms FakeMetadataService) GetNetworks() (boshsettings.Networks, error)

func (FakeMetadataService) GetPublicKey

func (ms FakeMetadataService) GetPublicKey() (string, error)

func (FakeMetadataService) GetRegistryEndpoint

func (ms FakeMetadataService) GetRegistryEndpoint() (string, error)

func (FakeMetadataService) GetServerName

func (ms FakeMetadataService) GetServerName() (string, error)

func (FakeMetadataService) GetSettings

func (ms FakeMetadataService) GetSettings() (boshsettings.Settings, error)

func (FakeMetadataService) IsAvailable

func (ms FakeMetadataService) IsAvailable() bool

func (FakeMetadataService) Load

func (ms FakeMetadataService) Load() error

type FakeRegistry

type FakeRegistry struct {
	Settings       boshsettings.Settings
	GetSettingsErr error

func (*FakeRegistry) GetSettings

func (r *FakeRegistry) GetSettings() (boshsettings.Settings, error)

type FakeRegistryProvider

type FakeRegistryProvider struct {
	GetRegistryRegistry boshinf.Registry
	GetRegistryErr      error

func (*FakeRegistryProvider) GetRegistry

func (p *FakeRegistryProvider) GetRegistry() (boshinf.Registry, error)

type FakeSettingsSource

type FakeSettingsSource struct {
	PublicKey    string
	PublicKeyErr error

	SettingsValue boshsettings.Settings
	SettingsErr   error

func (FakeSettingsSource) PublicSSHKeyForUsername

func (s FakeSettingsSource) PublicSSHKeyForUsername(string) (string, error)

func (FakeSettingsSource) Settings

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