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const (
	EventTypeDeprecation = "deprecation"
	EventTypeWarning     = "warning"

	EventStateStarted    = "started"
	EventStateFinished   = "finished"
	EventStateFailed     = "failed"
	EventStateInProgress = "in_progress"


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type Event

type Event struct {
	TaskID   int
	UnixTime int64 `json:"time"` // e.g 1451020321

	Type    string // e.g. "deprecation"
	Message string

	State string   // e.g. "started"
	Stage string   // e.g. "Preparing deployment"
	Task  string   // e.g. "Binding deployment"
	Tags  []string // e.g. ["api"]

	Total    int // e.g. 0
	Index    int // e.g. 0
	Progress int // e.g. 0

	Data  EventData
	Error *EventError

	StartEvent *Event

func (Event) DurationAsStr

func (e Event) DurationAsStr(later Event) string

func (Event) DurationSinceStartAsStr

func (e Event) DurationSinceStartAsStr() string

func (Event) IsSame

func (e Event) IsSame(other Event) bool

func (Event) IsSameGroup

func (e Event) IsSameGroup(other Event) bool

func (Event) IsSameTaskID

func (e Event) IsSameTaskID(other Event) bool

func (Event) IsWorthKeeping

func (e Event) IsWorthKeeping() bool

func (Event) Time

func (e Event) Time() time.Time

func (Event) TimeAsHoursStr

func (e Event) TimeAsHoursStr() string

func (Event) TimeAsStr

func (e Event) TimeAsStr() string

type EventData

type EventData struct {
	Error  string // e.g. "'api2/2' is not running after update"
	Status string // e.g. "installing packages"

type EventError

type EventError struct {
	Code    int    // e.g. 100
	Message string // e.g. "Bosh::Director::Lock::TimeoutError"

type Reporter

type Reporter interface {
	TaskFinished(int, string)
	TaskOutputChunk(int, []byte)

type ReporterImpl

type ReporterImpl struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewReporter

func NewReporter(ui boshui.UI, isForEvents bool) *ReporterImpl

func (*ReporterImpl) TaskFinished

func (r *ReporterImpl) TaskFinished(id int, state string)

func (*ReporterImpl) TaskOutputChunk

func (r *ReporterImpl) TaskOutputChunk(id int, chunk []byte)

func (*ReporterImpl) TaskStarted

func (r *ReporterImpl) TaskStarted(id int)

type Task

type Task interface {
	ID() int
	State() string


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