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func CertPoolFromPEM

func CertPoolFromPEM(pemCerts []byte) (*x509.CertPool, error)

func NewDigest

func NewDigest(algorithm Algorithm, digest string) digestImpl

func NewUnknownAlgorithm

func NewUnknownAlgorithm(name string) unknownAlgorithmImpl


type Algorithm

type Algorithm interface {
	CreateDigest(io.Reader) (Digest, error)
	Name() string
var (
	DigestAlgorithmSHA1   Algorithm = algorithmSHAImpl{"sha1"}
	DigestAlgorithmSHA256 Algorithm = algorithmSHAImpl{"sha256"}
	DigestAlgorithmSHA512 Algorithm = algorithmSHAImpl{"sha512"}

type ArchiveDigestFilePathReader

type ArchiveDigestFilePathReader interface {
	OpenFile(path string, flag int, perm os.FileMode) (boshsys.File, error)

type Digest

type Digest interface {
	Verify(io.Reader) error
	VerifyFilePath(filePath string, fs boshsys.FileSystem) error
	Algorithm() Algorithm
	String() string

type MultipleDigest

type MultipleDigest struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func MustNewMultipleDigest

func MustNewMultipleDigest(digests ...Digest) MultipleDigest

func MustParseMultipleDigest

func MustParseMultipleDigest(json string) MultipleDigest

func NewMultipleDigest

func NewMultipleDigest(stream io.ReadSeeker, algos []Algorithm) (MultipleDigest, error)

func NewMultipleDigestFromPath

func NewMultipleDigestFromPath(filePath string, fs boshsys.FileSystem, algos []Algorithm) (MultipleDigest, error)

func ParseMultipleDigest

func ParseMultipleDigest(json string) (MultipleDigest, error)

func (MultipleDigest) Algorithm

func (m MultipleDigest) Algorithm() Algorithm

func (*MultipleDigest) DigestFor

func (m *MultipleDigest) DigestFor(algo Algorithm) (Digest, error)

func (MultipleDigest) MarshalJSON

func (m MultipleDigest) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

func (MultipleDigest) String

func (m MultipleDigest) String() string

func (*MultipleDigest) UnmarshalJSON

func (m *MultipleDigest) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

func (MultipleDigest) Verify

func (m MultipleDigest) Verify(reader io.Reader) error

func (MultipleDigest) VerifyFilePath

func (m MultipleDigest) VerifyFilePath(filePath string, fs boshsys.FileSystem) error


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