package metricbatcher provides a mechanism to batch counter updates into a single event.



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    type BatchCounterChainer

    type BatchCounterChainer interface {
    	SetTag(key, value string) BatchCounterChainer
    	Add(value uint64)

    type MetricBatcher

    type MetricBatcher struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      MetricBatcher batches counter increment/add calls into periodic, aggregate events.

      func New

      func New(metricSender MetricSender, batchDuration time.Duration) *MetricBatcher

        New instantiates a running MetricBatcher. Eventswill be emitted once per batchDuration. All updates to a given counter name will be combined into a single event and sent to metricSender.

        func (*MetricBatcher) BatchAddCounter

        func (mb *MetricBatcher) BatchAddCounter(name string, delta uint64)

          BatchAddCounter increments the named counter by the provided delta, but does not immediately send a CounterEvent.

          func (*MetricBatcher) BatchCounter

          func (mb *MetricBatcher) BatchCounter(name string) BatchCounterChainer

            BatchCounter returns a BatchCounterChainer which can be used to prepare a counter event before batching it up.

            func (*MetricBatcher) BatchIncrementCounter

            func (mb *MetricBatcher) BatchIncrementCounter(name string)

              BatchIncrementCounter increments the named counter by 1, but does not immediately send a CounterEvent.

              func (*MetricBatcher) Close

              func (mb *MetricBatcher) Close()

                Closes the metrics batcher. Using the batcher after closing, will cause a panic.

                func (*MetricBatcher) Reset

                func (mb *MetricBatcher) Reset()

                  Reset clears the MetricBatcher's internal state, so that no counters are tracked.

                  type MetricSender

                  type MetricSender interface {
                  	Counter(name string) metric_sender.CounterChainer