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type Sync

type Sync struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Sync is struct for etcd based sync

func NewSync

func NewSync(etcdServers []string, timeout time.Duration) (*Sync, error)

NewSync initialize new etcd sync

func (*Sync) Close

func (s *Sync) Close()

Close closes etcd client

func (*Sync) Delete

func (s *Sync) Delete(key string, prefix bool) error

Delete sync update sync

func (*Sync) Fetch

func (s *Sync) Fetch(key string) (*sync.Node, error)

Fetch data from sync

func (*Sync) GetProcessID

func (s *Sync) GetProcessID() string

GetProcessID returns processID

func (*Sync) HasLock

func (s *Sync) HasLock(path string) bool

HasLock checks current process owns lock or not

func (*Sync) Lock

func (s *Sync) Lock(path string, block bool) (chan struct{}, error)

Lock locks resources on sync This call blocks until you can get lock

func (*Sync) Unlock

func (s *Sync) Unlock(path string) error

Unlock path

func (*Sync) Update

func (s *Sync) Update(key, jsonString string) error

Update sync update sync When jsonString is empty, this method do nothing because etcd v3 doesn't support directories.

func (*Sync) Watch

func (s *Sync) Watch(path string, responseChan chan *sync.Event, stopChan chan bool, revision int64) error

Watch keep watch update under the path

func (*Sync) WatchContext

func (s *Sync) WatchContext(ctx context.Context, path string, revision int64) <-chan *sync.Event

WatchContext keep watch update under the path until context is canceled

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