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func NewGetDelegate

func NewGetDelegate(build db.Build, planID atc.PlanID, clock clock.Clock) exec.GetDelegate

func NewPutDelegate

func NewPutDelegate(build db.Build, planID atc.PlanID, clock clock.Clock) exec.PutDelegate

func NewTaskDelegate

func NewTaskDelegate(build db.Build, planID atc.PlanID, clock clock.Clock) exec.TaskDelegate


type Build

type Build interface {
	Metadata() string

	Abort(lager.Logger) error

	ReceiveInput(lager.Logger, atc.PlanID, io.ReadCloser)
	SendOutput(lager.Logger, atc.PlanID, io.Writer)

type BuildDelegate

type BuildDelegate interface {
	GetDelegate(atc.PlanID) exec.GetDelegate
	PutDelegate(atc.PlanID) exec.PutDelegate
	TaskDelegate(atc.PlanID) exec.TaskDelegate

	BuildStepDelegate(atc.PlanID) exec.BuildStepDelegate

	Finish(lager.Logger, error, bool)

type BuildDelegateFactory

type BuildDelegateFactory interface {
	Delegate(db.Build) BuildDelegate

func NewBuildDelegateFactory

func NewBuildDelegateFactory() BuildDelegateFactory

type BuildStepDelegate

type BuildStepDelegate struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewBuildStepDelegate

func NewBuildStepDelegate(
	build db.Build,
	planID atc.PlanID,
	clock clock.Clock,
) *BuildStepDelegate

func (*BuildStepDelegate) Errored

func (delegate *BuildStepDelegate) Errored(logger lager.Logger, message string)

func (*BuildStepDelegate) ImageVersionDetermined

func (delegate *BuildStepDelegate) ImageVersionDetermined(resourceCache db.UsedResourceCache) error

func (*BuildStepDelegate) Stderr

func (delegate *BuildStepDelegate) Stderr() io.Writer

func (*BuildStepDelegate) Stdout

func (delegate *BuildStepDelegate) Stdout() io.Writer

type Engine

type Engine interface {
	Name() string

	CreateBuild(lager.Logger, db.Build, atc.Plan) (Build, error)
	LookupBuild(lager.Logger, db.Build) (Build, error)

func NewDBEngine

func NewDBEngine(engines Engines, peerURL string) Engine

func NewExecEngine

func NewExecEngine(
	factory exec.Factory,
	delegateFactory BuildDelegateFactory,
	externalURL string,
) Engine

func NewExecV1DummyEngine

func NewExecV1DummyEngine() Engine

type Engines

type Engines []Engine

func (Engines) Lookup

func (engines Engines) Lookup(name string) (Engine, bool)

type StepMetadata

type StepMetadata struct {
	BuildID int

	PipelineName string
	JobName      string
	BuildName    string
	ExternalURL  string
	TeamName     string

func (StepMetadata) Env

func (metadata StepMetadata) Env() []string

type UnknownEngineError

type UnknownEngineError struct {
	Engine string

func (UnknownEngineError) Error

func (err UnknownEngineError) Error() string


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