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type FakeBuilder

type FakeBuilder struct {
	StartStub func(turbine.Build, event.Emitter, <-chan struct{}) (builder.RunningBuild, error)

	AttachStub func(builder.RunningBuild, event.Emitter, <-chan struct{}) (builder.ExitedBuild, error)

	HijackStub func(string, garden.ProcessSpec, garden.ProcessIO) (garden.Process, error)

	FinishStub func(builder.ExitedBuild, event.Emitter, <-chan struct{}) (turbine.Build, error)
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*FakeBuilder) Attach

func (fake *FakeBuilder) Attach(arg1 builder.RunningBuild, arg2 event.Emitter, arg3 <-chan struct{}) (builder.ExitedBuild, error)

func (*FakeBuilder) AttachArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeBuilder) AttachArgsForCall(i int) (builder.RunningBuild, event.Emitter, <-chan struct{})

func (*FakeBuilder) AttachCallCount

func (fake *FakeBuilder) AttachCallCount() int

func (*FakeBuilder) AttachReturns

func (fake *FakeBuilder) AttachReturns(result1 builder.ExitedBuild, result2 error)

func (*FakeBuilder) Finish

func (fake *FakeBuilder) Finish(arg1 builder.ExitedBuild, arg2 event.Emitter, arg3 <-chan struct{}) (turbine.Build, error)

func (*FakeBuilder) FinishArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeBuilder) FinishArgsForCall(i int) (builder.ExitedBuild, event.Emitter, <-chan struct{})

func (*FakeBuilder) FinishCallCount

func (fake *FakeBuilder) FinishCallCount() int

func (*FakeBuilder) FinishReturns

func (fake *FakeBuilder) FinishReturns(result1 turbine.Build, result2 error)

func (*FakeBuilder) Hijack

func (fake *FakeBuilder) Hijack(arg1 string, arg2 garden.ProcessSpec, arg3 garden.ProcessIO) (garden.Process, error)

func (*FakeBuilder) HijackArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeBuilder) HijackArgsForCall(i int) (string, garden.ProcessSpec, garden.ProcessIO)

func (*FakeBuilder) HijackCallCount

func (fake *FakeBuilder) HijackCallCount() int

func (*FakeBuilder) HijackReturns

func (fake *FakeBuilder) HijackReturns(result1 garden.Process, result2 error)

func (*FakeBuilder) Start

func (fake *FakeBuilder) Start(arg1 turbine.Build, arg2 event.Emitter, arg3 <-chan struct{}) (builder.RunningBuild, error)

func (*FakeBuilder) StartArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeBuilder) StartArgsForCall(i int) (turbine.Build, event.Emitter, <-chan struct{})

func (*FakeBuilder) StartCallCount

func (fake *FakeBuilder) StartCallCount() int

func (*FakeBuilder) StartReturns

func (fake *FakeBuilder) StartReturns(result1 builder.RunningBuild, result2 error)

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