core contains modules that interface with the core api group



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    func GetQuotaServiceType

    func GetQuotaServiceType(service *corev1.Service) corev1.ServiceType

      GetQuotaServiceType returns ServiceType if the service type is eligible to track against a quota, nor return ""

      func NewEvaluators

      func NewEvaluators(f quota.ListerForResourceFunc) []quota.Evaluator

        NewEvaluators returns the list of static evaluators that manage more than counts

        func NewPersistentVolumeClaimEvaluator

        func NewPersistentVolumeClaimEvaluator(f quota.ListerForResourceFunc) quota.Evaluator

          NewPersistentVolumeClaimEvaluator returns an evaluator that can evaluate persistent volume claims

          func NewPodEvaluator

          func NewPodEvaluator(f quota.ListerForResourceFunc, clock clock.Clock) quota.Evaluator

            NewPodEvaluator returns an evaluator that can evaluate pods

            func NewServiceEvaluator

            func NewServiceEvaluator(f quota.ListerForResourceFunc) quota.Evaluator

              NewServiceEvaluator returns an evaluator that can evaluate services.

              func PodUsageFunc

              func PodUsageFunc(obj runtime.Object, clock clock.Clock) (corev1.ResourceList, error)

                PodUsageFunc returns the quota usage for a pod. A pod is charged for quota if the following are not true.

                - pod has a terminal phase (failed or succeeded)
                - pod has been marked for deletion and grace period has expired

                func QuotaV1Pod

                func QuotaV1Pod(pod *corev1.Pod, clock clock.Clock) bool

                  QuotaV1Pod returns true if the pod is eligible to track against a quota if it's not in a terminal state according to its phase.

                  func V1ResourceByStorageClass

                  func V1ResourceByStorageClass(storageClass string, resourceName corev1.ResourceName) corev1.ResourceName

                    V1ResourceByStorageClass returns a quota resource name by storage class.


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