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Package voluntaryexits defines the operations management of voluntary exits.



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type Pool

type Pool struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Pool implements a struct to maintain pending and recently included voluntary exits. This pool is used by proposers to insert into new blocks.

func NewPool

func NewPool() *Pool

NewPool accepts a head fetcher (for reading the validator set) and returns an initialized voluntary exit pool.

func (*Pool) InsertVoluntaryExit

func (p *Pool) InsertVoluntaryExit(ctx context.Context, state *beaconstate.BeaconState, exit *ethpb.SignedVoluntaryExit)

InsertVoluntaryExit into the pool. This method is a no-op if the pending exit already exists, has been included recently, or the validator is already exited.

func (*Pool) MarkIncluded

func (p *Pool) MarkIncluded(exit *ethpb.SignedVoluntaryExit)

MarkIncluded is used when an exit has been included in a beacon block. Every block seen by this node should call this method to include the exit.

func (*Pool) PendingExits

func (p *Pool) PendingExits(state *beaconstate.BeaconState, slot uint64) []*ethpb.SignedVoluntaryExit

PendingExits returns exits that are ready for inclusion at the given slot. This method will not return more than the block enforced MaxVoluntaryExits.

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