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Package polynomial provides polynomial methods and commitment schemes.



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type Polynomial

type Polynomial []fr.Element

Polynomial polynomial represented by coefficients bn254 fr field.

func (*Polynomial) Add

func (p *Polynomial) Add(p1, p2 Polynomial) *Polynomial

Add adds p1 to p2 This function allocates a new slice unless p == p1 or p == p2

func (*Polynomial) AddConstantInPlace

func (p *Polynomial) AddConstantInPlace(c *fr.Element)

AddConstantInPlace adds a constant to the polynomial, modifying p

func (*Polynomial) Clone

func (p *Polynomial) Clone() Polynomial

Clone returns a copy of the polynomial

func (*Polynomial) Degree

func (p *Polynomial) Degree() uint64

Degree returns the degree of the polynomial, which is the length of Data.

func (*Polynomial) Equal

func (p *Polynomial) Equal(p1 Polynomial) bool

Equal checks equality between two polynomials

func (*Polynomial) Eval

func (p *Polynomial) Eval(v *fr.Element) fr.Element

Eval evaluates p at v returns a fr.Element

func (*Polynomial) ScaleInPlace

func (p *Polynomial) ScaleInPlace(c *fr.Element)

ScaleInPlace multiplies p by v, modifying p

func (*Polynomial) SubConstantInPlace

func (p *Polynomial) SubConstantInPlace(c *fr.Element)

SubConstantInPlace subs a constant to the polynomial, modifying p

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