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func Test

func Test(flags []string, pkgs ...*gb.Package) error

Test returns a Target representing the result of compiling the package pkg, and its dependencies, and linking it with the test runner.

func TestPackage

func TestPackage(targets map[string]*gb.Action, pkg *gb.Package, flags []string) (*gb.Action, error)

TestPackage returns an Action representing the steps required to build and test this Package.

func TestPackages

func TestPackages(flags []string, pkgs ...*gb.Package) (*gb.Action, error)

TestPackages produces a graph of Actions that when executed build and test the supplied packages.


type CoverVar

type CoverVar struct {
	File string // local file name
	Var  string // name of count struct

CoverVar holds the name of the generated coverage variables targeting the named file.

type Resolver added in v0.4.0

type Resolver interface {
	Projectdir() string
	ResolvePackage(string) (*gb.Package, error)

func TestResolver

func TestResolver(r Resolver) Resolver

TestResolver returns a Resolver that resolves packages, their dependencies including any internal or external test dependencies.

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