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type Context

type Context struct {
	GOOS       string // target architecture
	GOARCH     string // target operating system
	CgoEnabled bool   // whether cgo can be used

	// The build and release tags specify build constraints
	// that should be considered satisfied when processing +build lines.
	// Clients creating a new context may customize BuildTags, which
	// defaults to empty, but it is usually an error to customize ReleaseTags,
	// which defaults to the list of Go releases the current release is compatible with.
	// In addition to the BuildTags and ReleaseTags, build constraints
	// consider the values of GOARCH and GOOS as satisfied tags.
	BuildTags   []string
	ReleaseTags []string

type Importer

type Importer struct {
	Root string // root directory

func (*Importer) Import

func (i *Importer) Import(path string) (*Package, error)

type MultiplePackageError

type MultiplePackageError struct {
	Dir      string   // directory containing files
	Packages []string // package names found
	Files    []string // corresponding files: Files[i] declares package Packages[i]

MultiplePackageError describes a directory containing multiple buildable Go source files for multiple packages.

func (*MultiplePackageError) Error

func (e *MultiplePackageError) Error() string

type NoGoError

type NoGoError struct {
	Dir string

NoGoError is the error used by Import to describe a directory containing no buildable Go source files. (It may still contain test files, files hidden by build tags, and so on.)

func (*NoGoError) Error

func (e *NoGoError) Error() string

type Package

type Package struct {
	Dir           string   // directory containing package sources
	Name          string   // package name
	ImportPath    string   // import path of package ("" if unknown)
	Root          string   // root of Go tree where this package lives
	SrcRoot       string   // package source root directory ("" if unknown)
	PkgTargetRoot string   // architecture dependent install root directory ("" if unknown)
	Standard      bool     // package found in GOROOT
	AllTags       []string // tags that can influence file selection in this directory
	ConflictDir   string   // this directory shadows Dir in $GOPATH

	// Source files
	GoFiles        []string // .go source files (excluding CgoFiles, TestGoFiles, XTestGoFiles)
	CgoFiles       []string // .go source files that import "C"
	IgnoredGoFiles []string // .go source files ignored for this build
	CFiles         []string // .c source files
	CXXFiles       []string // .cc, .cpp and .cxx source files
	MFiles         []string // .m (Objective-C) source files
	HFiles         []string // .h, .hh, .hpp and .hxx source files
	SFiles         []string // .s source files
	SwigFiles      []string // .swig files
	SwigCXXFiles   []string // .swigcxx files
	SysoFiles      []string // .syso system object files to add to archive

	// Cgo directives
	CgoCFLAGS    []string // Cgo CFLAGS directives
	CgoCPPFLAGS  []string // Cgo CPPFLAGS directives
	CgoCXXFLAGS  []string // Cgo CXXFLAGS directives
	CgoLDFLAGS   []string // Cgo LDFLAGS directives
	CgoPkgConfig []string // Cgo pkg-config directives

	// Dependency information
	Imports   []string                    // imports from GoFiles, CgoFiles
	ImportPos map[string][]token.Position // line information for Imports

	// Test information
	TestGoFiles    []string                    // _test.go files in package
	TestImports    []string                    // imports from TestGoFiles
	TestImportPos  map[string][]token.Position // line information for TestImports
	XTestGoFiles   []string                    // _test.go files outside package
	XTestImports   []string                    // imports from XTestGoFiles
	XTestImportPos map[string][]token.Position // line information for XTestImports
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

A Package describes the Go package found in a directory.

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