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const (
	// NamespaceEnvVar is the environment variable key name
	// Default is the name of the default namespace
	Default = "default"
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const (
	// GRPCHeader defines the header name for specifying a containerd namespace.
	GRPCHeader = "containerd-namespace"
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const (
	// TTRPCHeader defines the header name for specifying a containerd namespace
	TTRPCHeader = "containerd-namespace-ttrpc"


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func Namespace

func Namespace(ctx context.Context) (string, bool)

    Namespace returns the namespace from the context.

    The namespace is not guaranteed to be valid.

    func NamespaceFromEnv

    func NamespaceFromEnv(ctx context.Context) context.Context

      NamespaceFromEnv uses the namespace defined in CONTAINERD_NAMESPACE or default

      func NamespaceRequired

      func NamespaceRequired(ctx context.Context) (string, error)

        NamespaceRequired returns the valid namespace from the context or an error.

        func WithNamespace

        func WithNamespace(ctx context.Context, namespace string) context.Context

          WithNamespace sets a given namespace on the context


          type DeleteInfo

          type DeleteInfo struct {
          	// Name of the namespace
          	Name string

            DeleteInfo specifies information for the deletion of a namespace

            type DeleteOpts

            type DeleteOpts func(context.Context, *DeleteInfo) error

              DeleteOpts allows the caller to set options for namespace deletion

              type Store

              type Store interface {
              	Create(ctx context.Context, namespace string, labels map[string]string) error
              	Labels(ctx context.Context, namespace string) (map[string]string, error)
              	SetLabel(ctx context.Context, namespace, key, value string) error
              	List(ctx context.Context) ([]string, error)
              	// Delete removes the namespace. The namespace must be empty to be deleted.
              	Delete(ctx context.Context, namespace string, opts ...DeleteOpts) error

                Store provides introspection about namespaces.

                Note that these are slightly different than other objects, which are record oriented. A namespace is really just a name and a set of labels. Objects that belong to a namespace are returned when the namespace is assigned to a given context.