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func GetTopic

func GetTopic(e interface{}) string

    GetTopic converts an event from an interface type to the specific event topic id

    func NewPlatform

    func NewPlatform() (stdio.Platform, error)

      NewPlatform returns a linux platform for use with I/O operations

      func ReadOptions

      func ReadOptions(path string) (*options.Options, error)

        ReadOptions reads the option information from the path. When the file does not exist, ReadOptions returns nil without an error.

        func ReadRuntime

        func ReadRuntime(path string) (string, error)

          ReadRuntime reads the runtime information from the path

          func ShouldKillAllOnExit

          func ShouldKillAllOnExit(ctx context.Context, bundlePath string) bool

            ShouldKillAllOnExit reads the bundle's OCI spec and returns true if there is an error reading the spec or if the container has a private PID namespace

            func WriteOptions

            func WriteOptions(path string, opts options.Options) error

              WriteOptions writes the options information into the path

              func WriteRuntime

              func WriteRuntime(path, runtime string) error

                WriteRuntime writes the runtime information into the path


                type Container

                type Container struct {
                	// ID of the container
                	ID string
                	// Bundle path
                	Bundle string
                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                  Container for operating on a runc container and its processes

                  func NewContainer

                  func NewContainer(ctx context.Context, platform stdio.Platform, r *task.CreateTaskRequest) (*Container, error)

                    NewContainer returns a new runc container

                    func (*Container) All

                    func (c *Container) All() (o []process.Process)

                      All processes in the container

                      func (*Container) Cgroup

                      func (c *Container) Cgroup() interface{}

                        Cgroup of the container

                        func (*Container) CgroupSet

                        func (c *Container) CgroupSet(cg interface{})

                          CgroupSet sets the cgroup to the container

                          func (*Container) Checkpoint

                          func (c *Container) Checkpoint(ctx context.Context, r *task.CheckpointTaskRequest) error

                            Checkpoint the container

                            func (*Container) CloseIO

                            func (c *Container) CloseIO(ctx context.Context, r *task.CloseIORequest) error

                              CloseIO of a process

                              func (*Container) Delete

                                Delete the container or a process by id

                                func (*Container) Exec

                                  Exec an additional process

                                  func (*Container) ExecdProcesses

                                  func (c *Container) ExecdProcesses() (o []process.Process)

                                    ExecdProcesses added to the container

                                    func (*Container) HasPid

                                    func (c *Container) HasPid(pid int) bool

                                      HasPid returns true if the container owns a specific pid

                                      func (*Container) Kill

                                      func (c *Container) Kill(ctx context.Context, r *task.KillRequest) error

                                        Kill a process

                                        func (*Container) Pause

                                        func (c *Container) Pause(ctx context.Context) error

                                          Pause the container

                                          func (*Container) Pid

                                          func (c *Container) Pid() int

                                            Pid of the main process of a container

                                            func (*Container) Process

                                            func (c *Container) Process(id string) (process.Process, error)

                                              Process returns the process by id

                                              func (*Container) ProcessAdd

                                              func (c *Container) ProcessAdd(process process.Process)

                                                ProcessAdd adds a new process to the container

                                                func (*Container) ProcessRemove

                                                func (c *Container) ProcessRemove(id string)

                                                  ProcessRemove removes the process by id from the container

                                                  func (*Container) ReserveProcess

                                                  func (c *Container) ReserveProcess(id string) (bool, func())

                                                    ReserveProcess checks for the existence of an id and atomically reserves the process id if it does not already exist

                                                    Returns true if the process id was successfully reserved and a cancel func to release the reservation

                                                    func (*Container) ResizePty

                                                    func (c *Container) ResizePty(ctx context.Context, r *task.ResizePtyRequest) error

                                                      ResizePty of a process

                                                      func (*Container) Resume

                                                      func (c *Container) Resume(ctx context.Context) error

                                                        Resume the container

                                                        func (*Container) Start

                                                          Start a container process

                                                          func (*Container) Update

                                                          func (c *Container) Update(ctx context.Context, r *task.UpdateTaskRequest) error

                                                            Update the resource information of a running container


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