Package restart enables containers to have labels added and monitored to keep the container's task running if it is killed.

Setting the StatusLabel on a container instructs the restart monitor to keep that container's task in a specific status. Setting the LogPathLabel on a container will setup the task's IO to be redirected to a log file when running a task within the restart manager.

The restart labels can be cleared off of a container using the WithNoRestarts Opt.

The restart monitor has one option in the containerd config under the [plugins.restart] section. `interval = "10s" sets the reconcile interval that the restart monitor checks for task state and reconciles the desired status for that task.



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const (
	// StatusLabel sets the restart status label for a container
	StatusLabel = ""
	// LogURILabel sets the restart log uri label for a container
	LogURILabel = ""

	// LogPathLabel sets the restart log path label for a container
	// Deprecated(in release 1.5): use LogURILabel
	LogPathLabel = ""


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func WithBinaryLogURI

func WithBinaryLogURI(binary string, args map[string]string) func(context.Context, *containerd.Client, *containers.Container) error

WithBinaryLogURI sets the binary-type log uri for a container.

Deprecated(in release 1.5): use WithLogURI

func WithFileLogURI

func WithFileLogURI(path string) func(context.Context, *containerd.Client, *containers.Container) error

WithFileLogURI sets the file-type log uri for a container.

Deprecated(in release 1.5): use WithLogURI

func WithLogPath

func WithLogPath(path string) func(context.Context, *containerd.Client, *containers.Container) error

WithLogPath sets the log path for a container

Deprecated(in release 1.5): use WithLogURI with "file://<path>" URI.

func WithLogURI

func WithLogURI(uri *url.URL) func(context.Context, *containerd.Client, *containers.Container) error

WithLogURI sets the specified log uri for a container.

func WithLogURIString

func WithLogURIString(uriString string) func(context.Context, *containerd.Client, *containers.Container) error

WithLogURIString sets the specified log uri string for a container.

func WithNoRestarts

func WithNoRestarts(_ context.Context, _ *containerd.Client, c *containers.Container) error

WithNoRestarts clears any restart information from the container

func WithStatus

WithStatus sets the status for a container


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