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type Container

type Container struct {
	// ID uniquely identifies the container in a namespace.
	// This property is required and cannot be changed after creation.
	ID string

	// Labels provide metadata extension for a container.
	// These are optional and fully mutable.
	Labels map[string]string

	// Image specifies the image reference used for a container.
	// This property is optional and mutable.
	Image string

	// Runtime specifies which runtime should be used when launching container
	// tasks.
	// This property is required and immutable.
	Runtime RuntimeInfo

	// Spec should carry the runtime specification used to implement the
	// container.
	// This field is required but mutable.
	Spec typeurl.Any

	// SnapshotKey specifies the snapshot key to use for the container's root
	// filesystem. When starting a task from this container, a caller should
	// look up the mounts from the snapshot service and include those on the
	// task create request.
	// This field is not required but mutable.
	SnapshotKey string

	// Snapshotter specifies the snapshotter name used for rootfs
	// This field is not required but immutable.
	Snapshotter string

	// CreatedAt is the time at which the container was created.
	CreatedAt time.Time

	// UpdatedAt is the time at which the container was updated.
	UpdatedAt time.Time

	// Extensions stores client-specified metadata
	Extensions map[string]typeurl.Any

	// SandboxID is an identifier of sandbox this container belongs to.
	// This property is optional, but can't be changed after creation.
	SandboxID string

Container represents the set of data pinned by a container. Unless otherwise noted, the resources here are considered in use by the container.

The resources specified in this object are used to create tasks from the container.

type RuntimeInfo

type RuntimeInfo struct {
	Name    string
	Options typeurl.Any

RuntimeInfo holds runtime specific information

type Store

type Store interface {
	// Get a container using the id.
	// Container object is returned on success. If the id is not known to the
	// store, an error will be returned.
	Get(ctx context.Context, id string) (Container, error)

	// List returns containers that match one or more of the provided filters.
	List(ctx context.Context, filters ...string) ([]Container, error)

	// Create a container in the store from the provided container.
	Create(ctx context.Context, container Container) (Container, error)

	// Update the container with the provided container object. ID must be set.
	// If one or more fieldpaths are provided, only the field corresponding to
	// the fieldpaths will be mutated.
	Update(ctx context.Context, container Container, fieldpaths ...string) (Container, error)

	// Delete a container using the id.
	// nil will be returned on success. If the container is not known to the
	// store, ErrNotFound will be returned.
	Delete(ctx context.Context, id string) error

Store interacts with the underlying container storage

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