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A generic CNI library to provide APIs for CNI plugin interactions. The library provides APIs to:

  • Load CNI network config from different sources
  • Setup networks for container namespace
  • Remove networks from container namespace
  • Query status of CNI network plugin initialization

go-cni aims to support plugins that implement Container Network Interface


package main

import (

	gocni ""

func main() {
	id := "example"
	netns := "/var/run/netns/example-ns-1"

	// CNI allows multiple CNI configurations and the network interface
	// will be named by eth0, eth1, ..., ethN.
	ifPrefixName := "eth"
	defaultIfName := "eth0"

	// Initializes library
	l, err := gocni.New(
		// one for loopback network interface
		// Sets the prefix for network interfaces, eth by default
	if err != nil {
		log.Fatalf("failed to initialize cni library: %v", err)

	// Load the cni configuration
	if err := l.Load(gocni.WithLoNetwork, gocni.WithDefaultConf); err != nil {
		log.Fatalf("failed to load cni configuration: %v", err)

	// Setup network for namespace.
	labels := map[string]string{
		"K8S_POD_NAMESPACE":          "namespace1",
		"K8S_POD_NAME":               "pod1",
		// Plugin tolerates all Args embedded by unknown labels, like
		"IgnoreUnknown": "1",

	ctx := context.Background()

	// Teardown network
	defer func() {
		if err := l.Remove(ctx, id, netns, gocni.WithLabels(labels)); err != nil {
			log.Fatalf("failed to teardown network: %v", err)

	// Setup network
	result, err := l.Setup(ctx, id, netns, gocni.WithLabels(labels))
	if err != nil {
		log.Fatalf("failed to setup network for namespace: %v", err)

	// Get IP of the default interface
	IP := result.Interfaces[defaultIfName].IPConfigs[0].IP.String()
	fmt.Printf("IP of the default interface %s:%s", defaultIfName, IP)

Project details

The go-cni is a containerd sub-project, licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. As a containerd sub-project, you will find the:

information in our containerd/project repository.

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const (
	CNIPluginName        = "cni"
	DefaultNetDir        = "/etc/cni/net.d"
	DefaultCNIDir        = "/opt/cni/bin"
	DefaultMaxConfNum    = 1
	VendorCNIDirTemplate = "%s/opt/%s/bin"
	DefaultPrefix        = "eth"


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var (
	ErrCNINotInitialized = errors.New("cni plugin not initialized")
	ErrInvalidConfig     = errors.New("invalid cni config")
	ErrNotFound          = errors.New("not found")
	ErrRead              = errors.New("failed to read config file")
	ErrInvalidResult     = errors.New("invalid result")
	ErrLoad              = errors.New("failed to load cni config")


func IsCNINotInitialized

func IsCNINotInitialized(err error) bool

    IsCNINotInitialized returns true if the error is due to cni config not being initialized

    func IsInvalidConfig

    func IsInvalidConfig(err error) bool

      IsInvalidConfig returns true if the error is invalid cni config

      func IsInvalidResult

      func IsInvalidResult(err error) bool

        IsInvalidResult return true if the error is due to invalid cni result

        func IsNotFound

        func IsNotFound(err error) bool

          IsNotFound returns true if the error is due to a missing config or result

          func IsReadFailure

          func IsReadFailure(err error) bool

            IsReadFailure return true if the error is a config read failure

            func WithAllConf

            func WithAllConf(c *libcni) error

              WithAllConf can be used to detect all network config files from the configured cni config directory and load them.

              func WithDefaultConf

              func WithDefaultConf(c *libcni) error

                WithDefaultConf can be used to detect the default network config file from the configured cni config directory and load it. Since the CNI spec does not specify a way to detect default networks, the convention chosen is - the first network configuration in the sorted list of network conf files as the default network.

                func WithLoNetwork

                func WithLoNetwork(c *libcni) error

                  WithLoNetwork can be used to load the loopback network config.


                  type BandWidth

                  type BandWidth struct {
                  	IngressRate  uint64
                  	IngressBurst uint64
                  	EgressRate   uint64
                  	EgressBurst  uint64

                    BandWidth defines the ingress/egress rate and burst limits

                    type CNI

                    type CNI interface {
                    	// Setup setup the network for the namespace
                    	Setup(ctx context.Context, id string, path string, opts ...NamespaceOpts) (*Result, error)
                    	// Remove tears down the network of the namespace.
                    	Remove(ctx context.Context, id string, path string, opts ...NamespaceOpts) error
                    	// Load loads the cni network config
                    	Load(opts ...Opt) error
                    	// Status checks the status of the cni initialization
                    	Status() error
                    	// GetConfig returns a copy of the CNI plugin configurations as parsed by CNI
                    	GetConfig() *ConfigResult

                    func New

                    func New(config ...Opt) (CNI, error)

                      New creates a new libcni instance.

                      type CNIOpt

                      type CNIOpt = Opt //nolint: golint // type name will be used as cni.CNIOpt by other packages, and that stutters

                        Deprecated: use cni.Opt instead

                        type CNIResult

                        type CNIResult = Result //nolint: golint // type name will be used as cni.CNIResult by other packages, and that stutters

                          Deprecated: use cni.Result instead

                          type ConfNetwork

                          type ConfNetwork struct {
                          	Config *NetworkConfList
                          	IFName string

                          type Config

                          type Config struct {
                          	IPConfigs []*IPConfig
                          	Mac       string
                          	Sandbox   string

                          type ConfigResult

                          type ConfigResult struct {
                          	PluginDirs       []string
                          	PluginConfDir    string
                          	PluginMaxConfNum int
                          	Prefix           string
                          	Networks         []*ConfNetwork

                          type DNS

                          type DNS struct {
                          	// List of DNS servers of the cluster.
                          	Servers []string
                          	// List of DNS search domains of the cluster.
                          	Searches []string
                          	// List of DNS options.
                          	Options []string

                            DNS defines the dns config

                            type IPConfig

                            type IPConfig struct {
                            	IP      net.IP
                            	Gateway net.IP

                            type IPRanges

                            type IPRanges struct {
                            	Subnet     string
                            	RangeStart string
                            	RangeEnd   string
                            	Gateway    string

                            type Namespace

                            type Namespace struct {
                            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                            type NamespaceOpts

                            type NamespaceOpts func(s *Namespace) error

                            func WithArgs

                            func WithArgs(k, v string) NamespaceOpts

                            func WithCapability

                            func WithCapability(name string, capability interface{}) NamespaceOpts

                            func WithCapabilityBandWidth

                            func WithCapabilityBandWidth(bandWidth BandWidth) NamespaceOpts

                              WithCapabilityBandWitdh adds support for traffic shaping:

                              func WithCapabilityDNS

                              func WithCapabilityDNS(dns DNS) NamespaceOpts

                                WithCapabilityDNS adds support for dns

                                func WithCapabilityIPRanges

                                func WithCapabilityIPRanges(ipRanges []IPRanges) NamespaceOpts

                                func WithCapabilityPortMap

                                func WithCapabilityPortMap(portMapping []PortMapping) NamespaceOpts


                                  func WithLabels

                                  func WithLabels(labels map[string]string) NamespaceOpts


                                    type Network

                                    type Network struct {
                                    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                    func (*Network) Attach

                                    func (n *Network) Attach(ctx context.Context, ns *Namespace) (*current.Result, error)

                                    func (*Network) Remove

                                    func (n *Network) Remove(ctx context.Context, ns *Namespace) error

                                    type NetworkConf

                                    type NetworkConf struct {
                                    	Network *types.NetConf
                                    	Source  string

                                      NetworkConf is a source bytes to string conversion of cnilibrary.NetworkConfig

                                      type NetworkConfList

                                      type NetworkConfList struct {
                                      	Name       string
                                      	CNIVersion string
                                      	Plugins    []*NetworkConf
                                      	Source     string

                                        NetworkConfList is a source bytes to string version of cnilibrary.NetworkConfigList

                                        type Opt

                                        type Opt func(c *libcni) error

                                          Opt sets options for a CNI instance

                                          func WithConf

                                          func WithConf(bytes []byte) Opt

                                            WithConf can be used to load config directly from byte.

                                            func WithConfFile

                                            func WithConfFile(fileName string) Opt

                                              WithConfFile can be used to load network config from an .conf file. Supported with absolute fileName with path only.

                                              func WithConfIndex

                                              func WithConfIndex(bytes []byte, index int) Opt

                                                WithConfIndex can be used to load config directly from byte and set the interface name's index.

                                                func WithConfListBytes

                                                func WithConfListBytes(bytes []byte) Opt

                                                  WithConfListBytes can be used to load network config list directly from byte

                                                  func WithConfListFile

                                                  func WithConfListFile(fileName string) Opt

                                                    WithConfListFile can be used to load network config from an .conflist file. Supported with absolute fileName with path only.

                                                    func WithInterfacePrefix

                                                    func WithInterfacePrefix(prefix string) Opt

                                                      WithInterfacePrefix sets the prefix for network interfaces e.g. eth or wlan

                                                      func WithMinNetworkCount

                                                      func WithMinNetworkCount(count int) Opt

                                                        WithMinNetworkCount can be used to configure the minimum networks to be configured and initialized for the status to report success. By default its 1.

                                                        func WithPluginConfDir

                                                        func WithPluginConfDir(dir string) Opt

                                                          WithPluginConfDir can be used to configure the cni configuration directory.

                                                          func WithPluginDir

                                                          func WithPluginDir(dirs []string) Opt

                                                            WithPluginDir can be used to set the locations of the cni plugin binaries

                                                            func WithPluginMaxConfNum

                                                            func WithPluginMaxConfNum(max int) Opt

                                                              WithPluginMaxConfNum can be used to configure the max cni plugin config file num.

                                                              type PortMapping

                                                              type PortMapping struct {
                                                              	HostPort      int32
                                                              	ContainerPort int32
                                                              	Protocol      string
                                                              	HostIP        string

                                                              type Result

                                                              type Result struct {
                                                              	Interfaces map[string]*Config
                                                              	DNS        []types.DNS
                                                              	Routes     []*types.Route

                                                                Result contains the network information returned by CNI.Setup

                                                                a) Interfaces list. Depending on the plugin, this can include the sandbox

                                                                (eg, container or hypervisor) interface name and/or the host interface
                                                                name, the hardware addresses of each interface, and details about the
                                                                sandbox (if any) the interface is in.

                                                                b) IP configuration assigned to each interface. The IPv4 and/or IPv6 addresses,

                                                                gateways, and routes assigned to sandbox and/or host interfaces.

                                                                c) DNS information. Dictionary that includes DNS information for nameservers,

                                                                domain, search domains and options.