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const SETTLE_INTERVAL = 50 * time.Millisecond


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var (
	ErrLinkNotFound = errors.New("link not found")


func AddDefaultRoute

func AddDefaultRoute(gw net.IP, dev netlink.Link) error

AddDefaultRoute sets the default route on the given gateway.

func AddHostRoute

func AddHostRoute(ipn *net.IPNet, gw net.IP, dev netlink.Link) error

AddHostRoute adds a host-scoped route to a device.

func AddRoute

func AddRoute(ipn *net.IPNet, gw net.IP, dev netlink.Link) error

AddRoute adds a universally-scoped route to a device.

func Cmp added in v0.6.0

func Cmp(a, b net.IP) int

Cmp compares two IPs, returning the usual ordering: a < b : -1 a == b : 0 a > b : 1

func DelLinkByName

func DelLinkByName(ifName string) error

DelLinkByName removes an interface link.

func DelLinkByNameAddr

func DelLinkByNameAddr(ifName string) ([]*net.IPNet, error)

DelLinkByNameAddr remove an interface and returns its addresses

func EnableForward added in v0.6.0

func EnableForward(ips []*current.IPConfig) error

EnableForward will enable forwarding for all configured address families

func EnableIP4Forward

func EnableIP4Forward() error

func EnableIP6Forward

func EnableIP6Forward() error

func Network

func Network(ipn *net.IPNet) *net.IPNet

Network masks off the host portion of the IP

func NextIP

func NextIP(ip net.IP) net.IP

NextIP returns IP incremented by 1

func PrevIP

func PrevIP(ip net.IP) net.IP

PrevIP returns IP decremented by 1

func RandomVethName

func RandomVethName() (string, error)

RandomVethName returns string "veth" with random prefix (hashed from entropy)

func RenameLink(curName, newName string) error

func SetHWAddrByIP added in v0.6.0

func SetHWAddrByIP(ifName string, ip4 net.IP, ip6 net.IP) error

func SettleAddresses added in v0.6.0

func SettleAddresses(ifName string, timeout int) error

SettleAddresses waits for all addresses on a link to leave tentative state. This is particularly useful for ipv6, where all addresses need to do DAD. There is no easy way to wait for this as an event, so just loop until the addresses are no longer tentative. If any addresses are still tentative after timeout seconds, then error.

func SetupIPMasq

func SetupIPMasq(ipn *net.IPNet, chain string, comment string) error

SetupIPMasq installs iptables rules to masquerade traffic coming from ipn and going outside of it

func SetupVeth

func SetupVeth(contVethName string, mtu int, hostNS ns.NetNS) (net.Interface, net.Interface, error)

SetupVeth sets up a pair of virtual ethernet devices. Call SetupVeth from inside the container netns. It will create both veth devices and move the host-side veth into the provided hostNS namespace. On success, SetupVeth returns (hostVeth, containerVeth, nil)

func TeardownIPMasq

func TeardownIPMasq(ipn *net.IPNet, chain string, comment string) error

TeardownIPMasq undoes the effects of SetupIPMasq


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