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func DecodeAccessObjects

func DecodeAccessObjects(value string) (ret []*authProto.AccessObject)

DecodeAccessObjects decodes resource access object from database record

func EncodeAccessObjects

func EncodeAccessObjects(req []*authProto.AccessObject) string

EncodeAccessObjects encodes resource access objects to store in database

func RequestToRecord

func RequestToRecord(req *authProto.CreateTokenRequest, token *IssuedToken) *authProto.StoredToken

RequestToRecord prepares a value to store in database


type ExtensionFields

type ExtensionFields struct {
	UserIDHash  string `json:"user_id,omitempty"`
	Role        string `json:"role,omitempty"`
	PartTokenID string `json:"part_token_id,omitempty"`

ExtensionFields is an advanced fields included to JWT

type IssuedToken

type IssuedToken struct {
	Value    string
	ID       string
	IssuedAt time.Time
	LifeTime time.Duration

IssuedToken describes a token

type Issuer

type Issuer interface {
	IssueTokens(extensionFields ExtensionFields) (accessToken, refreshToken *IssuedToken, err error)

Issuer is interface for creating access and refresh tokens.

type IssuerValidator

type IssuerValidator interface {
	AccessFromRefresh(refreshToken string) (accessToken *IssuedToken, err error)
	Now() time.Time

IssuerValidator is an interface for token factory

func NewJWTIssuerValidator

func NewJWTIssuerValidator(config JWTIssuerValidatorConfig) IssuerValidator

NewJWTIssuerValidator sets up validator for self-contained JSON Web Tokens

func NewMockIssuerValidator

func NewMockIssuerValidator(returnedLifeTime time.Duration) IssuerValidator

NewMockIssuerValidator sets up a mock object used for testing purposes

type JWTIssuerValidatorConfig

type JWTIssuerValidatorConfig struct {
	SigningMethod        jwt.SigningMethod
	Issuer               string
	AccessTokenLifeTime  time.Duration
	RefreshTokenLifeTime time.Duration
	SigningKey           interface{}
	ValidationKey        interface{}

JWTIssuerValidatorConfig is config for JSON Web Tokens issuer and validator

type Kind

type Kind int

Kind is a token kind (see OAuth 2 standards). According to standard it can be only KindAccess and KindRefresh.

const (
	// KindAccess represents access token
	KindAccess Kind = iota

	// KindRefresh represents refresh token

type ValidationResult

type ValidationResult struct {
	Valid bool
	ID    string
	Kind  Kind

ValidationResult describes token validation result.

type Validator

type Validator interface {
	ValidateToken(token string) (result *ValidationResult, err error)

Validator is interface for validating tokens

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