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type Volume

type Volume kubeModels.Volume

func VolumeFromKube

func VolumeFromKube(kv kubeModels.Volume) Volume

func (Volume) Age

func (volume Volume) Age() string

func (Volume) Copy

func (volume Volume) Copy() Volume

func (Volume) MarshalJSON

func (vol Volume) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

func (Volume) MarshalYAML

func (vol Volume) MarshalYAML() (interface{}, error)

func (Volume) OwnerAndName

func (volume Volume) OwnerAndName() string

func (Volume) RenderJSON

func (vol Volume) RenderJSON() (string, error)

func (Volume) RenderTable

func (volume Volume) RenderTable() string

func (Volume) RenderYAML

func (v Volume) RenderYAML() (string, error)

func (Volume) String

func (volume Volume) String() string

func (Volume) TableHeaders

func (Volume) TableHeaders() []string

func (Volume) TableRows

func (volume Volume) TableRows() [][]string

func (Volume) ToKube

func (volume Volume) ToKube() kubeModels.Volume

func (Volume) UserNames

func (volume Volume) UserNames() []string

type VolumeList

type VolumeList []Volume

func VolumeListFromKube

func VolumeListFromKube(kubeList kubeModels.VolumesList) VolumeList

func (VolumeList) Copy

func (list VolumeList) Copy() VolumeList

func (VolumeList) Filter

func (list VolumeList) Filter(pred func(Volume) bool) VolumeList

func (VolumeList) Get

func (list VolumeList) Get(i int) Volume

func (VolumeList) GetByUserFriendlyID

func (list VolumeList) GetByUserFriendlyID(ID string) (Volume, bool)

get by Name or by OwnerLogin/Name

func (VolumeList) GetDefault

func (list VolumeList) GetDefault(i int, def Volume) (Volume, bool)

func (VolumeList) Head

func (list VolumeList) Head() (Volume, bool)

func (VolumeList) Names

func (list VolumeList) Names() []string

func (VolumeList) New

func (list VolumeList) New() VolumeList

func (VolumeList) OwnersAndNames

func (list VolumeList) OwnersAndNames() []string

func (VolumeList) RenderJSON

func (list VolumeList) RenderJSON() (string, error)

func (VolumeList) RenderTable

func (list VolumeList) RenderTable() string

func (VolumeList) RenderYAML

func (list VolumeList) RenderYAML() (string, error)

func (VolumeList) TableHeaders

func (_ VolumeList) TableHeaders() []string

func (VolumeList) TableRows

func (list VolumeList) TableRows() [][]string

func (VolumeList) ToKube

func (list VolumeList) ToKube() kubeModels.VolumesList

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