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func Go

func Go(goroutine func())

    Go starts a recoverable goroutine

    func GoWithRecover

    func GoWithRecover(goroutine func(), customRecover func(err interface{}))

      GoWithRecover starts a recoverable goroutine using given customRecover() function

      func OperationWithRecover

      func OperationWithRecover(operation backoff.Operation) backoff.Operation

        OperationWithRecover wrap a backoff operation in a Recover


        type Pool

        type Pool struct {
        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

          Pool is a pool of go routines

          func NewPool

          func NewPool(parentCtx context.Context) *Pool

            NewPool creates a Pool

            func (*Pool) AddGoCtx

            func (p *Pool) AddGoCtx(goroutine routineCtx)

              AddGoCtx adds a recoverable goroutine with a context without starting it

              func (*Pool) Cleanup

              func (p *Pool) Cleanup()

                Cleanup releases resources used by the pool, and should be called when the pool will no longer be used

                func (*Pool) Ctx

                func (p *Pool) Ctx() context.Context

                  Ctx returns main context

                  func (*Pool) Go

                  func (p *Pool) Go(goroutine func(stop chan bool))

                    Go starts a recoverable goroutine, and can be stopped with stop chan

                    func (*Pool) GoCtx

                    func (p *Pool) GoCtx(goroutine routineCtx)

                      GoCtx starts a recoverable goroutine with a context

                      func (*Pool) Start

                      func (p *Pool) Start()

                        Start starts all stopped routines

                        func (*Pool) Stop

                        func (p *Pool) Stop()

                          Stop stops all started routines, waiting for their termination

                          type Safe

                          type Safe struct {
                          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                            Safe contains a thread-safe value

                            func New

                            func New(value interface{}) *Safe

                              New create a new Safe instance given a value

                              func (*Safe) Get

                              func (s *Safe) Get() interface{}

                                Get returns the value

                                func (*Safe) Set

                                func (s *Safe) Set(value interface{})

                                  Set sets a new value

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